Beaches and resorts of Kalymnos

Kalymnos is a beautiful Greek island with a particular character, so different from the other islands of the Dodecanese. The tourist resorts are located in the north-west, while the eastern part of the island is wild and full of beautiful coves to visit during the day. Near Pothia Town are located a couple of beaches; the most famous are Geyfira bay and Therma.  At Geyfira with the sea is always calm, offers relaxing baths and is ideal for families with children. A little further on there is a small beach Therma with some sulfur springs and a tavern on the bank of the sea.

Going towards east in the direction of Vathy are along the winding road some coves including Akti, a bay with golden sand. The beach is not great but at least offers a wonderful sea and a good fish tavern. Vathy is the center of the west coast of Kalymnos, at the mouth of a fertile valley. This green oasis, with small houses scattered throughout the valley, thickens in the vicinity of the inlet of the sea, clutching, forms a beautiful natural fjord.

Vathy fiord and Rina village

Vathy and is the name of the valley, rich in citrus fruits, while the village around the harbor is called Rina. This charming village of Kalymnos is known for its simplicity and authenticity. The small harbor is surrounded by colorful bougainvillea under which lie a couple of tavernas and cafes. The water of the sea, very clean emerald green color, along with spectacular walls of the fjord, making the landscape very suggestive.

Out of the fjord there are some isolated coves accessible only by boat. During the summer season there is a taxi-boat, sometimes simple fishing boats that will take you in these crystal clear bays and beaches which are mostly pebbled. From Vathi you can go back to Pothia or move on the new road that leads on the mountain, offering beautiful landscapes and views.

Stimenia and Platanos

Under the mountain of Profitis Elias  there are two villages: Stimenia and Platanos, whose name derives from the enormous plane tree in the main square. Although these villages are semi-deserted, in ancient times were the most populous island of Kalymnos. For hiking activities are some ancient paths that leads, crossing the mountains to Pothia or Arginonda. Along the way are scattered numerous ruins of ancient civilizations, among them the most important is the center of Kastella located along the slopes of the mountain to the north of Vathi, 500 m away from the village of Metochi.

Most popular tourist places on Kalymnos

On the west part of Kalymnos, about 7 km from Pothia, there are some of the most popular tourist resorts. Panormitis is a quiet and green place similar are the nearby villages Kandouni and Linaria with the black sand beach called Plati Yialos. These places do not offer many opportunities for recreation and tourism services, but only some accommodations, a few cafes, taverns and some little shops. Are greatly loved by those seeking relaxation and beautiful sea.

Myrties and Massouri

The next location are Myrties and Massouri, located 10 km from Pothia, centers of tourist activities on the island offering much more wide selection of accommodations, shops and restaurants able to meet the demands and needs of each type of tourist .The area, surrounded by greenery, it offers extremely beautiful landscapes.

Along the main street that connect the two places are lined  numerous bars, restaurants, shops and of course various hotels and apartments. These places are also known for their nightlife, and many locals come here to spend their evenings and have fun. The resorts of Massouri and Myrties accommodations remain open throughout the year as many lovers of free-climbing come here also in the winter time.

The beach Myrties is with white pebbles and rocky bottom ideal for snorkeling. Myrties, in fact, is exactly opposite to the island of Telendos, from which it is separated in 553 BC due to an earthquake that create a narrow gorge. Small boats run regularly from morning until late evening from Myrtes to Telendos, where many people go to spend the day at the beach or eat in the excellent fish tavernas.

The Massouri Beach, just after Myrties, is a mixture of sand and volcanic rocks, as many centuries ago this area was a small volcano. The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and often very busy. Continuing along the road in the direction north are the famous walls that fascinate many climbers from around the world. This area is beautifull for its landscapes and the contrast between the impressive mountains and crystal clear waters. A short distance away is Kastelli, a promontory with a chapel, site of the fortress of Kastelli. An uphill path leading to the door with two towers, one of which is still standing.

Arghinoda Bay and Emporios

About 2 km away is a great bay called Arghinoda with beautiful sea, the beach with small pebbles and a good fish tavern. The beach is equipped with some sun loungers and parasols. From Arghinoda there is a road that goes toward the east in the valley of Vathy, the main road continues  through some beaches with difficult access like Palionisos bay, a beautiful bay wedged between the mountains that can be reached along a dirt road. The bay with two tavernas on the sea offers a crystal-clear sea and a lot of peace.

The main road instead terminate in the village of Emporios, about 23 km from Pothia. Emporios is a quiet coastal village of Kalymnos with few inhabitants mainly dedicated to agriculture, cattle breeding and fishing, in addition to the small beach there are a few tavernas and a few small hotels.

Vlihadia and Maritime Museum

Returning back to Pothia, in the south-west of the island is  the resort Vlihadia. Vlihadia is a location with some accommodation and a small harbor. The beach of sand and pebbles, is very popular with locals and Greek families who come to spend the Sunday day. Of great interest is the Maritime Museum which offers a private collection of sponges, corals, shells, and some remains of ancient boats. The owner Kostas, a former sponge fisherman, and always available to lead among its treasures.

Visit the Cave of Kafala very interesting archaeological and speleological place called the Cave of Zeus of Kalymnos, whose corridor long 103 meters decorated with huge stalactites. The cave is accessible by land following a path for about 2 km or more easily by sea by caique running from Myrties.