Kalymnos nightlife

The nightlife of Kalymnos island cannot be certainly compared to other large and near islands like Kos and Rhodes. However, in its simplicity and tranquility, the island offers a good selection of nightclubs and music-café frequented by the inhabitants and tourist during the summer.

Although there are no discos, summer nights are very lively and diverse. In in the most popular resort such as Myrties, Kantouni and Massouri and the capital Pothia you will surely find something to have fun. The island count maximum about 15 bars for the nightlife of this small island. From the Kafeneio where usually you’ll listen to live traditional live music to bars and pubs playing rock like the Nadir rock Pub, Scorpion Music Bar in Massouri.

The traditional festival and Panegyris

Need to mention the folks traditional festivals and the classical Panegyris (from Ancient Greek “gathering”). You may find these all around Greece. The word panegyris is used three ways: a meeting of the inhabitants from one town and its vicinity, a meeting of inhabitants of an entire province, district, or of people belonging to a particular tribe, and for national meetings. Also, it refers to religious assembly, taking place at the churches in honor of a saint’ s celebration where locals and guests sing and dance to traditional music until dawn.