Don’t miss a visit to the many faceting’s of Kos Island, from the old history to the modern one, from wild beaches to elegant beach bars, from the fast food for the typical pita gyros to the Greek tavernas and restaurants for the traditional delicacies, from the most popular touristic spots to the most secluded ones with special views and traditions.

Kos Island

Welcome to Kos, one of the most loved islands of the Dodecanese. The island of Kos is nicknamed in several ways: “The garden of the Aegean”, for its wealth of water and crops. It is also called “The island of Hippocrates” the great physician, the Father of Modern Medicine who was born here. Also “Little Rhodes” for its proximity not only geographically but also and above all historical-cultural to the island of Rhodes. Kos is also an excellent starting point for exploring the Dodecanese islands or neighboring Turkey.

Island of Kos is 43 km long and 2 km wide at the narrowest point, up to a maximum of 6 km at its widest point. It is the third island of the Dodecanese for size and the second for population. Its close proximity to the coasts of Turkey and more precisely to the ancient city of Halicarnassus, now known as Bodrum, makes it particularly fascinating as it offers an interesting combination of eastern and western elements. Despite mass tourism, this Greek island maintains its soul, a difficult undertaking on such a small and limited territory. Furthermore, despite its small size and the influx of tourism, in August you will also find a quiet and uncrowded beach in Kos.

Kos city and other tourist destinations

Capital of the island is Kos town, a lively tourist town, rich in history as well as clubs, Greek taverns and narrow streets with shops. Kos town has beautiful beaches sheltered from the Meltemi and is the most requested tourist resort on the island. Nearby there are several villages with a traditional soul such as Platani, Pili, Zia and Asomatos. A short distance away there are the thermal baths of Kos, a natural swimming pool renowned for its sulphurous water and the archaeological site “Asklepion“, the most important site of the island of Kos.

Other important places are Tigaki, Marmari and Mastichari in the northern part of the island. These are tourist resorts that offer good services for tourism and long sandy beaches. Towards the south of Kos we find Kardamena, a place that in recent years is particularly frequented by families, but also couples of young people, in search of tranquility and crystal clear sea. Kefalos, however, has the merit of being the most authentic and peaceful place, as well as boasting the most beautiful beaches on the island of Kos. Beaches are mostly wide and sandy, but you can also find bays and rocky coves with amazing sea colors; most of the beaches of Kos are equipped with sun beds and umbrellas at very affordable prices.

The climate

“Sun”, this is one of the main and most appreciated features of the island of Kos. From April to November, a period during which the rains are very rare, the island offers a Mediterranean climate of excellence that gives the possibility to fully enjoy the sea and perpetually sunny days.

At the same time caressed by the Meltemi (the summer wind) that allows to make even the high temperatures of the high season more pleasant. It is possible to run into a few hours of rain only from the end of September / early October but it is dispersed in a short time.

An island suitable for everyone

Kos is one of the most visited destinations in Greece, is the third largest island in the Dodecanese and second in terms of population. We remind you that the largest island in the Dodecanese is Rhodes, the second is Karpathos, which however has less inhabitants than Kos.

This island for everyone; suitable for families looking for sandy beaches and fun activities for the little ones, but also ideal for couples looking for tranquility and romance, or even for those who prefer a more active vacation to discover the island. For young people Kos offers many clubs and beach bars where you can spend evenings in joy, having fun  and make new friends. Moreover, in Kos you can choose to travel low cost with a wide offer of apartments and hotels at prices more than accessible to everyone. At the same time, the island can satisfy the most demanding tourists with sophisticated boutique hotels and restaurants.

How to get to Kos – flights, ferries and transfers

International airport of Kos (IATA-KGS code) is named after Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who was born on the island. It is the only airport on the island and is an important stopover also for reaching the smaller islands of the Dodecanese.

The most convenient solution to reach any Greek island remains the direct flight. The main airports connect Kos with both low-cost flights and charter flights from May to September.

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For those with more time available, it is also convenient to reach Athens by plane and then take a ferry from Piraeus to Kos. The journey is not very short, in fact the crossing takes about 10 hours, but the navigation is night-time and there is a way to optimize times. Or you can reach it, always by sea, from the Turkish city of Bodrum.

Find out ferries’ schedules from and to Greek Islands and Bodrum

Where to stay on Kos island

The island of Kos offers a wide choice of hotels, apartments, holiday homes and resorts of all kinds. Its tourist resorts welcome more than 1.5 million predominantly European visitors every summer.

Kos town is the main tourist resort on the island as well as the capital and historic center. The city center is packed with small hotels and studios, while larger resorts and hotels are located along the coast between Psalidi and Lambi.

The second town of the island of Kos is Kardamena, located near the airport in the center-south of the island.

In the south-west part of the island is Kefalos, known as the part of Kos with the most beautiful beaches. The tourist area of ​​Kefalos where most small hotels and apartments are located is called Kamari, the seaside Kefalos.

The other places on the island are located in the northern part of the island and are Mastichari, Marmari and Tigaki. Characterized by the beautiful sandy beach and the gradual access to the sea, they are the ideal choice for families; in fact, even along this coast, there is a wide choice of hotels and resorts, but also landlords of private villas and apartments.

Rent a vehicle in Kos: better scooter or car?

Absolutely yes. Kos deserves to be visited far and wide. Ideal vehicle can be both the car indicated above all for families, and the scooter or the quad for young people and for those who prefer the two-wheeled vehicle in the summer months. From Kos city you reach the most beautiful beaches in the South in just over 30 minutes of travel. The roads are not very busy and the locations, attractions, archaeological sites are well indicated.

For those who prefer an active holiday to discover the island, we always recommend renting a car at the airport for the duration of your stay. Or for those who will choose the scooter or quad the delivery on arrival at the hotel. In fact, the best offers are always for weekly rentals.

What to visit in Kos city

Capital city of the island is the most important and animated tourist place. Visit of this splendid town, rich in history and culture, as well as of clubs, typical restaurants and small shops, is an unmissable event. Focal point of the city of Kos is the waterfront, characterized by numerous cafes and taverns under the shadow of gigantic fichus trees. As well as by the spectacular gullets that offer excursions to nearby islands and Turkey.

Old town is rich in evidence from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods. Also, traces from the medieval period of St. John Knights and the Italian occupation. Impressive the Nerantzia Castle, or Saint John Knights Castle, is worth a visit, which, along with the famous Hippocrates Square where it is placed the Hippocratic Plane, one of the most representative symbols of the island of Kos. Much of the history of Kos is witnessed in the ancient Agora, where one can admire the remains of the temples of Hercules and Aphrodite and more. Along the walk there the new statue dedicated to Hippocrates.

Heart of Kos town is Eleftherias Square (translated Freedom Square or also called Piazza Liberta o del Fascio). Surrounded by buildings dating back to the Italian domination, where the Archaeological Museum, the Mosque and the covered Market overlook. Of great historical interest are also the Odeon and the Roman House. What is most striking about Kos city, however, is the beauty and charm of this mix of cultures that one breathes while walking along the alleys of the historic center. From Plateia Diagora till the Hippocrates plane, you’ll go through diverse historical periods and monuments. Another important statue of Hippocrates teaching is next to Delfinia Square (Dolphin Square), other heart of the town.

Inland and villages of Kos island

In the hinterland of the island of Kos there are numerous villages. There, over time have managed to maintain the authenticity of tradition and culture unchanged. The inhabitants used to live there, in the hinterlands up to the hill and the only mountain, Dikeos. Considering living there as to be a safe place, repaired from any possible pirate attack.

Most well-known village of the hinterland of Kos and of major tourist attraction with its manicured souvenir shops, typical Greek restaurants is Zia. This village offers one of the most beautiful landscapes of Kos and absolutely not to be missed is the sunset Zia is spectacular thanks to the amazing view of the nearby islands and of Bodrum in Turkey; at sunset time it is the most charming and romantic place on the island of Kos.

Near Zia are the traditional villages of Asomatos and Lagudi which offer interesting examples of local architecture. Pyli, on the other hand, is a somewhat dispersed village with its own lifestyle far from mass tourism.

Near the airport of Kos there is the village Antimachia, known because it is home to an ancient mill still completely preserved and also to a typical Dodecanese house, open to the public as a museum. Towards the south of the island, instead we find Kefalos; a quiet village with small white houses, narrow alleys and quaint cafes. Located at the top of a hill from where you can enjoy an enchanting view of the beaches of Kamari and the Kastri islet. This wonderful landscape is one of the most suggestive postcards of Kos.

Most beautiful beaches of Kos

Kos boasts 114 km of coastline, more than half of which has accessible beaches. Almost all the beaches of Kos have the blue flag for the exceptional clarity and beauty of the sea water.

In the town there are numerous beaches, most of which are animated by beach bars. The main and most popular is in the area of ​​Lambi; it is a wide, sandy beach with a clear and calm sea. In the area of ​​Psalidi, 5 km from Kos town, there are some pretty pebble beaches such as Ammos Beach or as Agios Fokas. A little further on is the famous Therma, a thermal water pool that reaches 42 degrees.

Beaches of Tigaki and Marmari are wide, sandy and shallow water, but they are often windy.

The most beautiful beaches of the island of Kos are in the southern area. Famous and renowned is certainly the Paradise Beach, a long sandy beach with a pristine and always calm sea. Nearby are the beautiful beaches of Polemi, Magic, Sunny, Lagada and the beautiful Camel Beach cove, all easily accessible and well indicated.

The beach of Agios Stefanos is also worth a visit from where you can admire the splendid islet of Kastri and the remains of the early Christian Basilica of S. Stefanos which give the name to the beach.

At the extreme south of the island of Kos there are several beautiful and peaceful coves with a turquoise sea like Diamond Beach, one of the most beautiful and suggestive beaches in all of Kos.

Cavo Paradiso is certainly also wonderful; the different shades of blue and green of the sea, the white and pink sand and the great tranquility that reigns, make this beach an authentic paradise.


Near the island of Kos there are several small Greek islands that can be easily reached with daily connections. One of the most beautiful and interesting is the island of Nisyros, famous both for the spectacular caldera of its volcano and for the authenticity of its characteristic small villages. Nisyros can be visited in a day, however, if you have the chance, we suggest you spend a night to savor the atmosphere of authentic Greece.

Another fascinating destination is the island of Kalymnos, also known as the island of sea sponges. Reachable in half an hour by hydrofoil from the port of Mastichari, Kalymnos is rugged with the typical landscapes of deep Greece and the intense aromas of the Mediterranean scrub. Kalymnos offers a multitude of pristine beaches and hidden coves with amazing sea colors.

Do not miss the day at the caique, called the blue day at the islands of Kalymnos, Pserimos and Plati. This excursion is a must for those visiting Kos and it will surely be one of the best memories of your vacation.

Why not enjoy the charm of the Arab world by spending one day in Asia? Turkey is a bit more than 10 sea miles from Kos’ coast and you can get lost among bazaars, shops, stalls, restaurants, where you can taste the real kebab. Bodrum is also a beautiful modern city, considered the Saint Tropez of Turkey where it is situated another Castle of St. John’s Knights and Mausoleum at Halicarnassus or Tomb of Mausolus as historical monuments.

If you have the opportunity to spend an evening in Bodrum, a stop at the fish market taverns and a drink in the lively Bar Street is a must.

Greek cuisine and where to eat in Kos island

In Kos we eat very well, spending less than many other Greek islands; Kos is considered, in fact, even by the Greeks themselves, an island that offers a lot of food. There you will find many very simple taverns and excellent restaurants with Greek, Turkish and international cuisine. In general, prices are somehow acceptable everywhere, especially when compared with the Italian/European average.

Surfing on our website, you will find the guide of the best restaurants in Kos that can be useful during your vacation. The offer is complete whether you’re looking for a good seafood restaurant by the sea or a very informal tavern where you can eat traditional cuisine for little money.

Nightlife and entertainment

Kos city is still the protagonist of the island’s nightlife. Among the narrow streets of the city you will find lots of places where you can spend an aperitif evening, but also a very popular nightclub that also hosts famous DJs.

After midnight the heart of Kos city nightlife is definitely Bar Street, a street in the center that is populated above all by very young people. There are many clubs with very loud music and the range of shots at a good price varies.

In the alleys of the old city, instead, there are several bars offering more peaceful evenings, where live musicians often perform and are frequented by more adult people.

The second most animated place on the island is Kardamena, although the choice of premises cannot be compared to Kos. The alternative to Kardamena is also Tigaki, very close to Kos town, populated by several bars.