How to book a gulet?

Book a gulet

Private gulet charter is a dream vacation. But organizing a gulet cruise for a group it can be a nightmare. For this reason we try to explain in this section what are the most important things to consider when you book a gulet cruise. As explained in the categories section; the differences between various gulets can be significant and important for your cruise. Photos and the category of the boats do not always reflect the the actual state of the boat or the level of the services. Also for this reason it is extremely IMPORTANT to rely on our professionalism and knowledge of every detail so as to be able to advise you on the solution that best suits your needs. We will be with you during the booking phase; at embarkation and during the cruise.

We will be pleased to give find for you the best charter option in respect of your requests, wishes and obviously your budget. Most gulets are booked already during the winter time. You can still find excellent boats later onm but you have to be more flexible with dates or ports of embarkation. It is true that there are lots of gulets especially in Turkey. It is however important to know that the best gulets are booked well in advance. We understand that organizing the gulet charter for a group of people; even if friends and relatives, it’s not easy. We are always available to give you maximum assistance.

Private gulet cruise

Private gulet cruise

Sending information request

We are addressed to both families and groups that have already had previous experience on gulet, or other types of boats, as well as those who wish to experience this magnificent experience and “a dream vacation” for the first time. It is very important that you specify as many details as possible. We are available not only via email, but also whatsapp and skype to provide you with all useful information and details.

Book a gulet for a weekly charter

Almost all gulets can be rented from Saturday to Saturday; only some boats are available to start the cruise during the week. In high and mid season, from June to the end of September, the rental is 7 or 14 nights. 10 days rental is generally not possible, for the simple reason that it is extremely difficult to find someone willing to book a gulet only for the remaining 3-4 days of the week.

Number of people on board

It is important to specify how your group is composed: the age of the participants, if there are children in the group, couples or single persons ecc. This is because there are several aspects to consider, such as the fact that some gulets have more cabins with double beds while others with separate beds. Some boats are more comfortable and suitable for elderly people, other for family cruises.

Port of embarkation

Most beautiful and interesting areas for gulet cruising are Greek islands and the Turkish coast. Obviously the first thing to evaluate are the air connections.

Most of the gullets are based at the port of Bodrum or Marmaris. The Aegean area, with Dodecanese islands and the Turkish coast, offers numerous possibilities for private cruises and a wide selection of gulets for all budgets. More limited is the choice of boats in the other Greek islands: like Mykonos and Cyclades islands, Sporades or the Ionian islands.

Port of embarkation cannot be changed after the booking is confirmed. Also the end of the cruise is usually in the same port as boarding. In some cases  “one way” is route possible, but might be extra charged. If you book a gulet in Turkey and  you want to sail the Greek islands, the boat must by law embark and disembark passengers in Turkey. Turkish gulets can sail the Greek islands, but the cruise has to start and end in Turkey.

Budget – how much to spend

Budget is of course very important part of planning. Our goal is to understand your needs, desires and expectations in such a way that we can offer you the best gulets according to your budget.

It is important to know that the gulets that are rented in Turkey and sail the Turkish coast and the neighboring islands have lower prices than boats registered under the Greek flag. The price of a cruise in the bay of Gokova or in the Dodecanese cannot be compared to a cruise around Cyclades islands. At the same time, while spending much more on cruises in Greece, you do not always have higher service or superior quality boats. The highest prices is justified on the cost of the crew, the taxes, port costs and maintenance costs that are higher in Europe than in Turkey.

To give you a simple example: renting the gulet from Bodrum with 6 superior cabins for a group of 12 people choosing as itinerary the Turkish coast you can spend starting from 800 € per person. For a more luxurious gulet you can find excellent solutions starting from € 1,500 per person. If you want to sail with the same gulet in the Greek islands of the Dodecanese there will be the extra costs of the transit log.

Please send us information about your expectations, and we will help you planning a memorable cruise