Opening hours for sites and museums on Kalymnos

Hereby you may find the opening hours and prices of admission to the main sites and museums of Kalymnos.

Nautical museum Pothia 09-17 Monday 1,50€
Archeological museum 09-15 Tuesday 2,00€
Pera Castro – Castel free
Traditional house 09-14 2,00€
Maritime museum Vlihadia 09-18 1,50€
Kefala Cave 09-14 3,00€


When you visit one of the museum you’ll get surely in touch with popular culture of Kalymnos. You may see many artifacts from the wrecks of ancient ships as well as articles on sponge diving and sponge treatment. You will go through a plurality of Hellenistic bronze and marble sculptures like the ones found in the Temple of Delian Apollo or a huge statue of Asclepius which impresses every visitor. 

As well you may get in touch with Kalymnian lifestyle of the past century and revive the story of a traditional urban house of the late 19th and early 20th century.