Move around Kalymnos

Here you can have an idea of how to move around Kalymnos.

Kalymnos Airport is located about 3 km from the Pothia. Here  land only domestic flights that connect daily Kalymnos with Athens. In the capital  town is  the main port  where dock most of the ferries from the other islands,  Myrties harbor, however, offer connections to Telendos, Leros, Patmos and Lipsi. In Vathi harbor are moored private and excursion boats

Pothia is located in the south part of the island and from there branches off the three main roads connect all the villages and beaches. Distances are little and getting around is very simple while the roads are in good condition with little traffic.

The bus service on Kalymnos is connecting only the port with the main village communities. Service is regular but infrequent, and better know the schedule times in advance. It is advisable to rent a scooter or a car rental against very reasonable prices. Though in summer, it’s vital to book a vehicle well in advance, as the number of vehicles is limited. The roads tend to be narrow and careful driving is a must, especially around the hairpin bends.

An alternative way to get around the seaside spots is to hire a caique from the main port, but this is possible only in calm weather conditions.

There are many hidden places of Interest like the Ancient Cities and Temples, the Castles and Fortresses, the Orthodox Churches, the Residential Areas of the Past and the Caves.