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Private charter gulet yachts are divided in gulet categories. There is no official government categorization as every boat has its own characteristics. Gulet category is there to help you to understand in general what we can offer to you  – but pay more attention to the advice we give you then to “categories” you find on any internet page (including ours).

Most of the gulets are based in Bodrum or Marmaris (Turkey) and can board also on Greek islands  of Kos or Rhodes. Some gulets are available for boarding in the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands or Northern Sporades (limited selection).

    Standard gulet boats

    Standard category gulets or standard plus (renovated or better quality boats) are classic boats with or without air conditioning. This gulets are often used as cabin charter boats. Generally, all have double cabins with private shower and toilet, some may have air conditioning. There are some very good quality gulets from standard category that can offer very good service and value for money. The costs are from € 400 in low season – € 1,000 per day in high season.

    Superior gulet boats

    Superior gulets are air-conditioned boats, generally are more comfortable, bigger and offer more spacious cabins or saloons or they just have extra facilities compared to standard gulets. The difference between standard and superior is sometimes very tiny. The costs are between € 700 – € 1,200 per day in high season.

    Luxury gulets

    Luxury gulets are the most requested and booked category. They offer a high level of comfort on board and service of a hotel with 4-5 *. The internal and external areas including the cabins and bathrooms are very spacious. Costs can be between € 1,000 to € -2,000 per day, but there can be big differences between the boats that can be explained only by professional agents.

    Top-luxury gulets

    Top-luxury gulets are the most beautiful and exclusive gulets in the world with the highest quality yacht building materials and design. The service and the boat would satisfy even the most demanding guests.

    * Indicative prices are referred to the rental per day without catering / menu and extra fees for navigation outside national waters.

    Gulet category is not everything …

    The classification of gulets in the 4 categories is important to understand the key differences between the yachts. In each category there are different types of boats with different characteristics.  We know the boats, but must important we know the crew and the feedback of our clients. We have an experienced, professional and hard-working team to provide high quality services.

    Our aim is and always will be to continue provide services that will not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

    Please send us information about your expectations, and we will help you planning a memorable cruise