Bodrum Nightlife

Bodrum is known for its sophistication and glamor nightlife. The night life of Bodrum is something very special. Even Turks will rank Bodrum after Istanbul as number 2. Bodrum probably has more bars per area than other places in Turkey, appealing to all tastes. Among them are intimate seaside cafes with magnificent views of the illuminated castle.The nightlife is concentrated between the bar-street in the old town of Bodrum, the seaside with nice beach bars and Gumbet. Generally it can be said that Bodrum offers exclusive clubs oriented towards the Turkish and international jet-set, while in Gumbet  nightlife is more popular with average tourists from alla over the world.

Behind the Castle starts Dr. Alim Bey street, later it leads to Cumhuriyet street,  both together are known all over Bodrum as ‘Barstreet’. This one mile long street runs parallel with the sea, so all the bars and restaurants on your right side offer a sitting area on the beach with the scenic view of the castle. Many spend the night here, dancing and chatting outside the premises through the narrow streets of the old town. The entry into these rooms is free and you switch from one to another.

Dancing uder the stars

After Azmakbasi you’ll have the open sea on your right side and many bars and inviting restaurants to your left. There is a Victorian style building called White bar offering live music, a bit further down is Sultams beach bar and a nice cafe called Mavi. The biggest place that can not be missed is the Marina yacht club. This is an open-air nightclub and one of the most important locations for nightlife in Bodrum. As one of the few enterprises that remains open 12 months of the year, the restaurants, bars and concept of high quality service, has earned Marina Yacht Club the status of one of ‘Bodrums Classics’.

Club Catamaran is in a glass-bottomed boat with a capacity of 1500 guests which lights up the depths and all the sea life beneath it, while above the water it jams in as many lights, lasers and speakers into its interior as it can.

In Gumbet you can take your pick for top nightspots. Wander along Bar Street and go into whatever takes your fancy. Trends change and what is hip one week may not be the next. The best bet is to follow the crowds if a bar or club is busy that usually means a good night can be expected. Try the Queen Vic, Memories, The Shamrock, Mystery Bar, Victoria Bar, Beach Club and Heart Beat Disco. Bars are open from midday until the small hours.