Excursions to do in Bodrum

During your holiday in Bodrum , there is a big variety of excursions you can make. Do not miss, for example, a visit to the Turkish, traditional Turkish bath. An Oriental tradition, not to be missed! What better way to start your holiday than with the total indulgence of a Turkish bath? The luxurious treatments will leave your mind and body prepared for the days ahead and will give your skin a head start for that perfect tan.For centuries, the Turkish bath has played an important part in our culture.

Book a trip on a gulet boat cruising all day around Bodrum bays and visiting beautiful Orak islands. From 20€ per person with lunch inluded


So when in Turkey, do as the Sultans did: Take a Turkish bath! Soak in the beauty of the lofty, pure white space while steaming and bathing in oriental style followed by a full body scrub, a stimulating foam massage and a long soothing oil massage to lift you to an all-embracing inner peace.


Bodrum is a great starting point to visit Pamukkale and Efes. Pamukkale, which in Turkish means “cotton castle”, is a natural site, which also includes the Roman city of Hierapolis was built on top of the white castle in an area of 2700 meters length and 160 in height. Ephesus, is a vast archaeological site, one of the largest in the Mediterranean. After the historic center of Istanbul, is the most visited resort in Turkey.

Find out details about Pamukkale daily tours from Bodrum staring from 60€ per person with lunch and entrances included.

Find details about Efes daily tour from Bodrum starting from 60€ per person.