Where to eat – Places for dinning out in Bodrum

The Turkish cuisine in the coastal areas of Turkey is Mediterranean cuisine, very similar to Greek cuisine and there is a big variety of places where to eat, mainly in Bodrum area. As for popular dishes specific to Bodrum peninsula; the traditional dishes that include; keskek, okra with olive oil, radish herb salad, mustard herb salad, roasted spicy herb (ot kavurmasi) , seaman mezes, kopoglu mezes with yogurt, stuffed pumpkin flowers, octopus stew with onions, cokertme kebab, Bodrum style boiled pastry, cokertme dish, bergamot jelly, sage oil and lokma sweet are worth a taste.

In Bodrum you will find a great selection of very quality fish, as well as specialties such as Turkish kebab, shish kebab, kofte, a large selection of meze with vegetables and yogurt. It should be noted, however, that unlike the Greek Islands, alcohol has very high cost and is not used pork meat. Bodrum being a fashionable tourist resort, offers some very exclusive restaurants with high prices so it is advisable to consult the menu before ordering.


Very popular place for a nice dinner out is Bodrum Fish market. It is located out of the old town, behind the post office. There are some streets with many taverns between which ones are the fishmongers. The restaurants have tables placed on the pedestrian street and are really a lot, always full of people. The restaurants offer different types of meze while finsh can be choosen from the market and is then cooked and served at the table. Open all day, ideal for dinner. Medium to high prices! Good!

Traditional food – Where to eat Bodrum

On the seafront, opposite the entrance to the Marina, the is Limani koftezi that, as it appears from the name, is a traditional restaurant where the specialty is kofte served in a variety of ways. Marina kofte is the famous place, meatballs grilled served with melted cheese, yogurt, and tomato sauce. A beautiful environment is proposed to the Marina yacht club,  is a dazzling place with three different restaurants offering great world cuisine. Very good!

A bit different is the restaurant La Passion. Offers local and spanish cuisine, you will find typical “tapas” which are also known in Turkish cuisine as “meze”, as well as an excellent selection of wines. Environment friendly and quiet in one of the lanes (S. Uslu street) hidden in Bodrum old town. Kocadon Restaurant is located in an authentic courtyard and offers great food such as Hors d’oeuvres and salads, seafood, meat barbequed over briquettes and desserts.
In the old town of Bodrum will find several restaurants popular with locals, you will recognize them because they have no big signs for tourists. They are very cheap and you can try local daily fresh dishes.