Gulet holiday – experience to live

Let the gulet experience begin

Gulet cruises are a beautiful dream holiday in the infinite blue of the Turkish coast. The gulet cruise is a unique experience to try at least once.

Imagine waking up in a quiet bay and having breakfast surrounded by sea and nature. After breakfast the captain will start sailing to the next bay or nearby island where you will spend the day. Relax soaking up the sun while sailing along the beautiful coastline. Days are spent swimming and exploring the turquoise depths with a snorkel or simply relaxing on the gulet’s deck reading your favorite book.

Sun and relaxation on board

For lunch, light dishes of traditional cuisine will be ready, prepared with fresh local vegetables. Served at a splendid large shaded table located at the stern of the gulets. After the meal you can all relax on the shaded mats. The captain will probably start sailing to another bay for the afternoon. After the midday heat, it’s time for more swimming, or maybe a paddle or canoe ride. The captain can also take you ashore aboard the tender for souvenir shopping or a drink at a local restaurant.

Enjoy the evening on a gulet

You’ll be surprised at how much free time you have before the sun starts to set. And the moment of the last swim and the splendid sunset while sipping a glass of wine.
Dining on gulets is a unique experience. The view of the picturesque Greek port, the silence and the scents of the sea in a secluded bay, the sound of the waves are the perfect setting for a unique experience.

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