From Kalymnos there are different excursions you can make; it can be easily visited the nearby islands Pserimos and Telendos as well as Leros or Patmos. The connections are daily with ferry lines or with boats offering excursions that make several stops in the bays and resorts.

Pserimos is a small greek island located between Kos and Kalymnos inhabited by 50 people. On the island  there are no roads but only a long stretch of golden sand and some dirt roads. The place is beautiful, remote and simple with beautiful sea, tavernas, cafes and souvenir stalls.  The peace and quiet is only interrupted for a few hours, when the excursion boats  from Kos landed numerous tourists.

Telendos island is part of the municipality of Kalymnos and it is accessible by boat from the port of Myrties. It is a tiny islet that broke away from Kalymnos in the earthquake in ancient times. On the waterfront are a series of houses and excellent fish tavernas always busy by locals and tourists alike. Being so close is easily accessible even for dinner or only for a drink. Turning to walk to the island you can find some remains from ancient times and some nice beaches as the pebbled beach Hokhlakas.