Getting around Rhodes island

Getting around Rhodes island is quite easy if you rent a mean of transportation.

The island of Rhodes is 80 km long and has a dense road network. Most of the roads in Rhodes are in good condition, there is one main road that connects the capital of Rhodes to Lindos continuing until Prasonisi giving you the chance to drive around the entire.  You need wheels of some sort: public bus, group-shared taxi, rental car, or organized bus tour for around-the-island excursions. Rhodes old and new city are weel connected with public transport. Walking is the best and most pleasurable way to discover Rhodes town.

Scooter and motorcycle in Rhodes

For your convenience, but also to be autonomous and getting around the island of Rhodes in full freedom, it is advisable to rent a scooter or motorcycle. For the size of the island of Rhodes, the ideal iway of transport is a car, however with the scooter you can visit closer resorts and beaches. There are many rental companies on the island, it is advisable to book the scooter in advance for the period of July-August, or if you want a particular model. Care must be taken insurance aspect, many scooter rentals include la’ssicurazione that only covers damage to third parties and damage to your vehicle.

Car hire in Rhodes

To get around the island of Rhodes is advisable to rent a car. We suggest to rent a car for at least 4-5 days so as to enjoy the beautiful beaches with calm and at the same time to visit the various towns and villages. Even in this case must be very careful renters insurance and those that offer too low a price because in this case you can be sure that the insurance does not cover all the damage!