Beaches and holiday resorts on Rhodes

The island of Rhodes offers many possibilities for an active and dynamic holiday, but the main tourist attraction of Rhodes are obviously its beaches and resorts. The island of Rhodes has more than 200 km of coastline of which more than half are accessible beaches. Almost all the beaches of Rhodes received the blue flag for its exceptional clarity and beauty of the sea water.

Beaches and Resorts in Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town beach is also very much what you could expect from a big city beach. It is dominated by a string of luxurious high-rise hotels that tower behind and it’s packed with tourists and locals alike, trying to make the most of their beach time. Here is the famous Elli beach, long beach of sand and pebbles. At the side of the beach there are numerous hotels, restaurants and beach bars very popular by locals and tourists alike. In the city, just outside the medieval walls, is located Akti Miauli beach that gets crowded with tourists who disembark from cruise ships and local people in week-ends.

Going from Rhodes Town towards nord are some of the most requested resorts known for their tranquility and proximity to town. Between the airport and the city of Rhodes you will find the resorts Kremasti, Ixia and Ialysos with many hotels, excellent tourist services and a long beach of sand and pebbles. The sea has beautiful colors but in the days of strong Meltemi is quite rough.

Along the south-east coast, heading from Rhodes city to Faliraki, you can find many coves and small secluded beaches. In this area there are several hotels and all-inclusive resorts so the bays and beaches are often crowded.

It is a must a visit to the beautiful beach Ladico, a small sandy bay surrounded by rocks  ideal for snorkeling. Nearby is well known  Antony Queen Bay. The famous actor shot here the movie “The Guns of Navarone” fascinated by the place, bought a land on which he built his villa. The sea-water is emerals color, the bay is scenic and very green, but there are steep cliffs all around so the beach tends to get a lot of shade.


Before arriving in Faliraki is located tourist resort called Kalithea. It has several hotels and a sandy beach with rocky coves. Kalithea Baths is a springs with their medical waters, which used to attract many people suddering from various ailments, are no longer in operation but it is still worth having a look at the spas themselves and having a swim in one of the quiet little bays. The renovation and reopening of the springs is now been planned. Don’t miss to visit and swim in the picturesque little harbor of Kallithea.

Faliraki is the second most important tourist resort  known for the large number of hotel and appartaments, equipped beach and bustling nightlife. The center of Faliraki is full of bars, restaurants, disco and beach bars. Ultramodern hotel units have been built along this coast which can satisfy all your requirments. You can also enjoy a full range of marine sports.

Ancient Kameiros was founded by the Dorians, though the discovery of a Mycenean necropolis nearby makes it clear that during the prehistoric period the area must have been inhabited by the Achaeans. Contrary to Lindos this town was by and large a rural society whose main products were olive oil, figs and wine. The visitor of the archaelogical site may see the ancient Agora, the ruins of Doric temple, the town’s main street with its semicircular exedra, the public baths which were built in imitation of Roman baths, the acropolis  and the Large Stoa.

Driving towards Lindos

After Faliraki , driving in the direction of Lindos,  are many beaches and small resorts such as Afandou which offers a number of hotels, inns, restaurants and a nice beach. Afandou is a very quiet place. Another special theme which is worth to be mentioned about is the 18 holes Golf course of Afandou which one can reach it within 2 kilometers of driving. Down the road of eucalyptus trees, planted dagi Italians in 1920, we reach the largest tourist resort in this area, Kolympia. Here are a number of hotels, clubs and beach bars located on the waterfront. The beach of sand and pebbles, with trees to the side is partially equipped. Kolympia is very popular by families who want to stay in the big resort.

After Kolympia is located one of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes called Tsambika from the small church of the Virgin on the rock. It is great cove of golden sand with a Caribbean sea, obviously very crowded in the summer months. There is a very famous monastry up the hill. Very close is the beautiful village Stegna.  It has a beautiful sandy beach with some rocky parts. As resort offers all the services and is very popular by those seeking for a quiet location and apartments and studios on the beach.

Beaches and Resorts Rhodes -Lindos

Lindos is the most famous tourist resort located in the south of the island of Rhodes combines great beaches, rich local culture, and some fascinating historical sites. Hotels are  forbidden from the town centre, adding to the traditional charm of Lindos. In the old town can be fond some boutique accomodation in appartaments or houses.

Lindos boasts some fantastic stretches of fine, golden sand, in particular the beautiful coastline at Pallas Beach. Here you’ll be able to find ample opportunities for swimming and sunbathing, or perhaps try your hand at some exciting water sports. Options here include scuba diving, banana boats and windsurfing! Everywhere you can see sun loungers, parasols, restaurants and a lot of people. The sea in this area is shallow which makes it very popular with families with children. In high season is very busy, beyond all limits.  Nearby is the beach Αghios Pavlos  with turquoise waters.

Further Lindos

Pefki is very loved by English tourists, you’ll notice the wide choice of pubs and restaurants serving english breakfast. It is a family resort surrounded by greenery with a beautiful beach of fine sand. At the end of the bay are some coves between the cliffs, beautiful alternative for those seeking for more intimate place or just want to snorkel.

The sandy beaches of Lardos are known as some of the most wild and isolated on the island of Rhodes. Crystal clear waters and rolling hills make it an idyllic place to relax under the sun. The resort is very peacefull, you will find some local shops, but not a real city center.  After Lardos bay  are spreed along the cost some luxury resort  and private houses. Kiotari, increased significantly in the last ten years, as Lardos has not a real town center and most hotels offer all-inclusive service.

Next is the beach of Gennadi, mix sand and gravel; Gennadi has two different faces as on the one hand  is the wide beach with facilities, and other area is dedicated to beach parties that have  transformed the character of the beach attracting young people from all over the island. Along the road you will find taverns, rent rooms, small hotels as well as luxury villas.

Prasonissi and the area south of Rhodes

To achieve Prasonissi you must reach the southern part of the island of Rhodes: at Katavia turn left and after a few kilometers you will be on top of a hill where you can admire one of the most beautiful views of Rhodes, the beach of Prasonissi.

During summer time, when water levels are low enough, this island is a peninsula attached to Rhodes and during winter time, when water levels are high enough, Prasonisi becomes an island. It’s a fascinating place as during summer months the two seas, the Mediterranean and the Aegean, part and a sandy isthmus separates the wavy waters of the Aegean from the dead calm flat waters of the Mediterranean.