How to get around in Lipsi – Car & Motorcycle Rentals

Getting around in Lipsi is very easy. It is so small that it is not necessary to rent a car or a moto. There are few cars and forget about finding a rental, basically, there is no rent a-car on Lipsi. Some roads are paved and have been recently improved thanks to funding from the EU. However, others are unpaved and just perfect options for long and pleasant walks.

There are two shops renting bicycles and scooters and the availability is very limited Also, take in considerations that in many cases the vehicles are not really in good conditions. If you want to rent a scooter we recommend that you strive to do so as soon as you come on the island. At the same time, when renting always to check the reliability of the vehicle, especially the brakes.

Be aware that the risk of running out of the few rental vehicles is high but it does not matter as walking is a popular activity that may offer the opportunity to discover all the hidden places and perfumes and colors of this wonderful Greek island. One should not forget that there are also some cheap taxis and public buses that connect the city with all  the most beautiful beaches.

The taxi and mini-bus station is located at the port near the ATM with very cheap travel prices from 2 to 8 € depending on the distances.