Your Excursions on Lipsi island

Those who choose to spend a holiday in Lipsi are certainly looking for an ideal island to relax and fully enjoy the sea and natural beauty. Furthermore, features that the island offers, it is the very good connection with the neighboring islands, which offer more possibilities for historical-cultural visits such as the beautiful Patmos. But on Lipsi you should not miss the excursions to the 5 islands of the archipelagos that will allow you to spend an exciting day on the boat. 5 islands cruise excursions will take you to discover other small Aegean islands such as Marathi, Arki, Aspronisi, and Makronisi.

Rena boat trip

We recommend the caique RENA, a wooden boat captained by Mr. Yiannis and his sons. Together with these two special people you can spend an unforgettable day by the sea. In high season they depart every morning around 10.00, while in the remaining periods, the exits vary according to the reservations.

All day is dedicated above all to the sun, sea and baths in beautiful waters around Lipsi. First of all, you will visit Makronisi. Here you can dive and swim near two beautiful caves. Aspronisi, is an island with many shapes of beautiful white pebble and stones beach and crystal clear sea.

Rather then Tiganakia, with turquoise-colored sea water for exceptional snorkeling. We then stop at Marathi, a larger island with some characteristic taverns along the beach where you can eat excellent fresh fish. Before returning to the marina of Lipsi, the last stop is made at the island of Arki. This island is very small, with very few inhabitants, few simple and traditional small places at the harbor to have a drink or a meal therefore a special place to visit.

The sea around these islets of the Lipsi archipelago is truly stunning and as you sail among the coves, one more beautiful than the other. Certainly you will spend an unforgettable day of your holiday in Lipsi.

You can contact Rena and book your cruise here.