Lipsi island Nightlife

The island’s nightlife cannot be compared with the one of the bigger islands. This is not really developed but this does not mean you will have less fun. It is concentrated in few places, simple and familiar, easy-going, perfect for romantic evenings and casual fun. You can dine at family-friendly tavernas, drink Greek wine, ouzo with friends at local restaurants and walk around Lipsi Town, under the clear night sky. Whether they are tourists, sailors or inhabitants of the island, a usual night out on Lipsi means enjoy a good traditional dinner by the sea or along the narrow streets and stairs and dwelling in taverns drinking and chatting until very late with the other guests or with the owner.

After dinner, however, you can visit  The Rock Cafe in Lipsi town that is playing good music and open till very late. The place is always open, very busy with local young people. Rock cafe it is also a great place for home-cooked dishes and meze.

Beach Bar Dilailah on the bay Katsadia, is well suited for a drink after dinner and it is one of the most loved places by the visitors on the island. Great selection of drinks and chill-out music by the sea. Additionally, the only disco club in Lipsi is Meltemi Club, at the bottom of the port, open-air bar, the best place with great music and, mostly in high season July-August, where dance all night.