Myth of Asklepios

It is in the mythology we need to go to search for importat information about Myth of Asklepios. Apollo fell in love with Coronis while she was bathing in the lake. After consuming their passion, God went to Delphi leaving a crow to guard over the girl. Coronis, while pregnant of Apollo, decided to marry Ischys and the crow flew to inform the God of the Sun about this.

Artemis (the twin sister of Apollo), to avenge his brother dishonored, killed Coronis  with a dart, Apollo, however, saved the little boy while was still in the womb. The child was named Asklepio. Apollo reared him for a while and taught him many things about medicine. However, like his half-brother, Aristaeus, Asclepio had his formal education under the centaur Chiron who instructed him in the art of medicine or, he had inherited the property from his father Apollo. Not being a God to all intents and purposes had no right to Olympus but was among the mere mortals (according to Homer was himself a mortal),

He travelled and healed people, doing so angry Hades, the god of darkness and of souls. Asklepios could resuscitate a dead man despite that was one of the privileges reserved only to the gods. from this, the Myth of Asklepios. For his action he was killed by Zeus but at the same time became divine. Although the Myth of Asklepios, many believe that Asklepio was a doctor who really existed 600 years before Hippocrates.