Best beaches and tourist resorts of Kos

The island of Kos offers many beaches and resorts, but also opportunities for an active and dynamic holiday; the main tourist attraction of Kos are obviously the sea and the long sandy beaches. Kos island has 114 km of coastline of which more than half are accessible beaches. In high season there always a chance to find and uncrowded and quiet place. Almost all the beaches of Kos have the blue flag for exceptional clarity and beauty of the sea water.

Beaches of Kos town

In Kos town the main beach and most popular one is located along the Averoff. A long, wide beach, mostly sandy with a calm sea sheltered from the wind Meltemi. The first part of the beach is animated by the beach bars offering free sunbeds and umbrellas, beach volleyball / tennis, music and fun. The second part, however, is more quiet and only partly equipped, often frequented by locals.

Beaches and Resorts Kos North


This area offers many services and is characterized by the presence of large hotels. About 5 km from out of Kos town  is well connected by an excellent  bus service to/from the city center. Alternatively you can reach it by walking or cycling along the bike path parallel to the main road. In the area of Psalidi there are some beautiful beaches, mostly with pebbles with only stretches of sand, the best ones are after residential area in Agios Fokas. Kos is also proud of its marina, whose facilities and services have turned Kos into one of the main sailing and cruising crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea.

Thermal Springs

Continuing along the road, about 11 km from Kos town, you will arrive at the Therma of Kos. The water, “trapped” in a natural pool surrounded by large rocks, has a temperature of 42 degrees to the source. This place offers  free access and everyone can enjoy the benefits of this water good for healing wounds  for those suffering from osteoarthritis and gynecological problems. Nearby is a beach where of course you can swim in the sea, as it is not recommended to stay in the hot water for more than 30 minutes.

The Therma of Kos is very busy throughout the day so it is advisable to get your own vehicle and go in the evening or at night  when less crowded and it’s less hot outside. The signs on the main road suggest to leave your vehicle in the parking on the top and continue by foot, actually the path is not the best, however, taking a little care you can go down by car or scooter as well.


Tigaki is a tourist resort close to Kos town  accessible from the main road or along the seaside road from Lambi. The location is not very distinctive, focused on two streets on which overlook the beach bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and shops. Tigaki, however, has a large and beautiful beach of white sand, shallow and hot water. Being in the north of the island is exposed to the wind Meltemi, a pleasant wind especially in the hot days of July and August.

Mastichari and Marmari

Between Tigaki and Marmari is an interesting little-known place called salt lake that looks like a frozen lake in the summer where it is often possible to see flamingos and turtles. Marmari is located about 3 km over Tigaki. It is a quiet resort with some big hotels on the seafront and a main street with a few shops and a restaurant. It does not offer much except  a few well-equipped watersports and a beautiful wide sandy beach. But it is ideal for those looking to relax.

Mastichari is about 22 km from Kos town. The village surrounding a small harbor where you can catch some ferries to the neighboring island of Kalymnos. Inside, among narrow streets hidden by bougainvillea, there are many small hotels and apartments as well as shops, cafes and other venues. In general, the atmosphere is very quiet and relaxing. Very popular by German tourists offers a wide white sandy beach that stands out over the harbor and some excellent fish tavernas.

Leaving jut beyond Mastichari, toward the north part of the island  you can enter for the little dirt roads that lead to the fantastic beaches of black sand placed under huge walls of volcanic rock. It ‘a very interesting phenomenon and the beaches are beautiful and uncrowded even in high season.

Beaches and Resorts Kos airport and South area


The tourist resort called Kardamena is located in the southern part of the island of Kos, 30 km from Kos town. From a small fishing village become a tourist place of great attraction, like Kos town; characterize by  very nice sea water and great nightlife. Although it is not very characteristic, Kardamena and has now become a place  for young people who flock to the pedestrian walkways where are concentrated numerous nightclubs, pubs and shops.

Waterfront of Kardamena hosts most of the restaurants and bars  with views of the beautiful harbour. From here are leaving the ferries to the neighboring island of Nisyros. Kardamena nightlife  is considered the most excited of the island of Kos and is concentrated along the main pedestrian avenue. The liveliness of the night is however, tempered by a very nice sea and a long golden sandy beach interrupted by some rocks. During the summer months in Kardamena take place Festival Alasarnia, which includes exhibitions of paintings and photographs, concerts, theater, scientific seminars, cycling races and chess.

Kefalos Beaches

The most beautiful part of Kos is called “south of the island of Kos.” Here you can feel the true, simple and authentic Greece with its landscapes, colors and scents of the Mediterranean. Following  the directions to Kefalos, one after the other are the most beautiful beaches of Kos which bear the names of Magic & Polemi,Beach, Chrisi Akti, Sunny Beach, Lagada. All easily accessible and well signposted from the main road. Most are equipped and serviced by some simple traditional taverns.

Paradise Beach

This is a small cove known as the most beautiful beach on the island of Kos. It is always very crowded, but worth a stop just to take a picture and a quick bath in the shallow a bit cold water. The low water temperature is due to the pressures that cause leakage of volcanic bubbles. Paradise beach is also known as Bubble beach!

Beautiful Camel Beach is located after the Paradise Beach, at the end of a bit steep road. Part of the beach is equipped while, over the rocks are some quiet and intimate coves   Around the corner is the resort of Kamari, a quiet place where there are no big hotels but only smal apartments and studios.

The long beach of sand and pebbles is divided into two by the ruins of the Basilica of Agios Stefanos where you can see in all its splendor the island of Kastri, a symbol of Kos. The island, with the church of Agios Nicolas, can be reached by swimming and is a very interesting point for snorkelers. From Agios Stefanos the long beach continue for 2 km finishing in the port at the bottom of the village. Boats leave from Kefalos port to the volcanic island of Nisyros.

Cavo Paradiso

From Kefalos village located on the hill overlooking Kamari, the road leads to Agios Teologos between the wilderness and the scents of the Mediterranean. This part of the island of Kos is intact and not crowded, bursting out of a beauty and breathtaking views. The beach of Agios Teologos is  the tip of the island full of coves  among the rocks, difficult to access and with a generally rough sea. Nearby you will find the sign for Kata Beach, a small and intimate sandy beach wedged between rocks.

The other road instead leads to Agios Mammas and Cavo Paradiso through the church of Agios Ioannis where you can see a beautiful landscape. Cavo Paradiso on the island of Kos is the most difficult to achieve but also  the most beautiful beach. From the church of Aghios Ioannis continue for about half an hour on a dirt quite narrow and bumpy road, at the end of which you can enjoy a real paradise. The sea water is shallow and warm and the sand goes from white to pink color.

On the beach there is a small bar selling drinks and has available a number of sunbeds. Another beautiful beach is the bay of Agios Mamas, the spot named after the Church. You follow the directions to the small chapel then you have to walk down for about half an hour. In this beach you will be most likely alone even in high season.