Epic cruise between myth and beauty

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Every part of Greece is different, so are the views, the smells, the light, the winds. The islands of Ionian is where Greece smell of olive, rosemary and stone walls. These islands are verdant, languid and with sweet outlines. Nature is majestic with transparent water, intense perfumes, hospitable population, delicious honey.The wind from the North West is constant but light. There is no strong Meltemi here. During the day it is great for sailing, at night the wind drops and gives an almost surreal calm. The sea is calm, warm and amazing in all shades of blue.

Of the 120 islands that make up the archipelago of Ionian islands, only about twenty are inhabited. The larger ones guarantee more services and also entertainment. The little ones have little more than a tiny village to offer, with small restaurants located on the sea and a single bar where you can  chat with locals while sipping Ouzo, Metaxa or why not Mastika .

Zante gulet cruise

After a great succes of our Corfu and Ionian islands cruise in the summer 2020, we give you a great opportunity to visit by gulets the South part of Ionian islands. We are going to navigate the best islands of this amazing archipelagos like Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Itaka and Meganissi.

The real beauty of the gulet cruise holiday is to wander here and there, discovering places and coves that are always new and different. We usually make one ot two stops for swimming  and one for the night, to enjoy different scenarios together. Of course, we almost always reach our sailing destinations. Above all, we live relaxed and full days and in the evening we have the typical tiredness of those who have experienced so many emotions.

Those who want to rest, those who want to share sunsets and aperitifs, those who want to swim, snorkel, dive and sightseein. Without stress, without running. Living at a more natural pace. If this is the type of vacation you are looking for, you are welcome on board. We will certainly get along well.

Cabin gulet cruise from Zante is boarding every Saturday in the main harbour of Zakyntos town. Our firts cruise will be end of May and all cruises weeks are confirmed till October.

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Holiday on a gulet boat in Greece

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Greece is opening its beautiful islands, beaches and archaeological sites to foreign tourists without tests and quarantine on June 15, 2020. Initially citizens from 20 countries will be allowed depending on the epidemiological data in their countries between those Norway, Dennmark, Austria and Israel. Greece is ready to welcome your family and friends in total safety and tranquility.

Freedom of the sea sailing Greek islands

What are the benefits of a gulet charter in Greece

1. Social distancing and low risk:

You can choose where you want to go, discover new places, while escaping the crowds and enjoying the exclusivity of full service on board. Gulets will be sanitized and sanitization on board gulets is also much easier when compared to the hotels. Crew members also live on board, limiting their contact with members of the public.

2. Freedom:

You can spend your whole vacation on the boat, visiting bays and small harbours, enjoying five-star dining prepared by our chef on board, playing with water toys, having parties with your frinds and making the most out of all the yacht’s facilities.

3. Easy travel-direct safe flight

Some airlines confirmed their flights direct to Greek islands staring from JULY. We will arrange a safe and fast transfer from the aiport direct on your boat.

  • Lauda motion is connection Greek islands and Vienna with prices starting from 200€ return ticket
  • Norwegian air from Norway and Dennmark with staring prices for return flight tickets from 250€
  • Bluebird from Tel Aviv to Greek islands with staring prices for return tickets from 300€


The safety of our guests and crew is always our top priority. We will all make it through this difficult time together as a family, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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    Private gulet in Turkey – Covid 19 updates

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    Travelers of all nationalities who meet Turkey’s immigration regulations can enter the country in accordance with the rules outlined below.

    As always, a passport and a valid visa or a copy of an approved online visa are required to cross the border.

    Travelers to Turkey should be mindful that restrictions are under constant review as the international situation evolves. Passengers are therefore advised to keep up to date with the latest travel updates and advisories provided by their local governments before departure.

    Who May Not Enter Turkey Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

    The Turkish government does not prohibit any nationalities from entering its borders based on citizenship. However, it does place restrictions on who may come into the country based on the departure point.

    Currently, direct flights from Brazil and South Africa are suspended.

    At present most international tourists can enter either visa-free or, for those fitting the requirements, with an eVisa.

    • As of May 15, 2021, a PCR test will not be requested from passengers arriving to Turkey from China, Hong Kong (SAR of China), Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Latvia, Luxembourg, Ukraine and Estonia.
    • International Passengers who will arrive to Turkey as of 15th of March 2021 GMT+3 (not including transit passengers and passengers under of age 6) are required to fill in the Turkey Entrance Form which can be obtained here within 72 hours of their departure. Print out or the mobile screenshot of the filled form will have to be submitted to airline crew before boarding.
    • All passengers are required to wear masks at the airport and during the flights.
    • All passengers must complete the passenger information form when arriving to Turkey.
    • Temperature measurement at our airports continues for passengers flying to Canada, Singapore, Guanzo and for passengers using hot connection points (destinations used by passengers with connections of 90 minutes or less) and is discontinued for other destinations.

    The personal HES code is mandatory only for the domestic flights. Foreign passengers are not required to obtain a HES code. Please review our Hayat Eve Sığar page for details,

    updated May 19th , 2021

    Older info

    Turkey started with Covid vaccination in December 2020 and the situation regarding the measures is updated approximately every 14 days.

    Since March 1, 2021, by allowing the reopening of restaurants and by relaxing the restrictions already in force. With the number of cases falling across Turkey, and with more than 10% of the vaccinated population, this is what travelers should expect when they visit Turkey from May on.

    Covid prevention measures in Turkey

    Travelers and residents must complete the HES Code to enter Turkey as well as to carry out a series of activities, such as accessing shopping centers, using public transport etc. The HES Code is a personal code implemented by the Ministry of Health and is provided by the airline when booking the ticket. We remind you that the HES code is information that must be entered for check-in procedures and if you do not receive it you must contact the airline.

    For more information, you can contact the appropriate call center on +90 0850 477 04 77.

    Additional measures Covid Turkey

    update Jan, 2021

    It should be noted that the Turkish authorities have announced that in order to deal with the spread of the infection from Covid-19, the measures for those arriving in Turkey from abroad have been updated. Starting from 29 December 2020 at 21:00 UTC (00:00 on 30 December Turkey) all passengers aged 6 years or older to enter Turkey from abroad by air, by land or by sea, must submit a negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR test performed within seventy-two (72) hours prior to entry into the country.

    People who do not submit a negative test will not be allowed on board the plane bound for Turkey. Those who do not present the negative PCR test to the official authorities at the border crossing will be quarantined at the address (home, hotel, etc.) where they declared they are staying. Those who declare that they have no place to stay will be quarantined in the places established by the Provincial Health Directorates.

    These people will be performed PCR tests on the 7th day of the quarantine period and the quarantine of those whose test results are negative will be able to finish the quarantine at the end of the 7th day. Those who test positive on the PCR test will be treated in line with the COVID-19 guidelines of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

    This obligation does not apply to passengers in transit. For the latter, the rules established by the country of final destination will be applied.

    The aforementioned measures will be in effect until March 1, 2021.

    Update summer 2020

    Travel Turkey -info Covid

    Turkey will open to travel for international tourism after the CORONAVIRUS emergency gradually from 15 June 2020. Not yet all the details regarding travel and holidays are known. In principle Turkey is following Europe also for the opening to the tourism after Covid 19.

    From July it is possible to start plannig  holidays in Turkey, taking into account that the adoption of the measures in the daily practice will not be easy in the first month, which is completely normal. So if it is not an urgent trip, it is better to wait a few weeks after opening  and travel later with complete peace of mind.

    For those planning gulet holiday in Turkey we suggest the period from August onward and forwarded towards the end of October. The weather in September, but also October is absolutely perfect for a sea, sun and relaxation holiday on board the Turkish gulet.

    Turkey managed the situation of COVID19 very well, especially the part of the Aegean Sea with Bodrum and Marmaris did not record many cases. Turkey is a great country which provides efficent health service  with good doctors and fully equipped hospitals compared to many very well developed countries ,

    The ideal solution for holidays in Turkey 2020 is a private gulet charter. By renting the private gulet you will have the opportunity to travel on board  with your family and your group of friends without worries.

    5 reasons to choose a gulet holiday in Turkey

    • Firstly, Turkish coast on the Aegean is dotted with secluded bays  where you can relax and escape the crowds completely. Sailing along the coast of Turkey, every day you will stop in wonderful bays  to swim, sunbathe, snorkel, and relax without space restrictions and special attention. Along the coast of Turkey there is always an isolated bay in which to escape, where you can take a book, go for a swim and and delicious Turkish meal.
    • Secondly, you may think you have experienced the tranquility before, but that it is nothing like what you will feel as you relax on your private boat after a long day on the water, watching a magnificent sunset caressed by the warm evening breeze.
    • There is a reason why the Turkish coast is considered a blue paradise for boaters. Diving in such crystal clear waters is reason enough to book a gulet vacation in Turkey. And, when you are on your private boat, you will have the opportunity to sail in these waters all day, including the night. Sailing on the Turquoise Coast is something everyone should experience in a lifetime. Really.
    • Moreover, think about the opportunity of your private chef on board. Different populations have left their mark on Turkey’s culture and traditions. And surely there is no more beautiful dinner than admiring the sea directly from your private gulet.
    • Even if the cabins on board are cozy, we bet that while sailing along the splendid coast of Turkey you will not even want to be below decks. Often, our guests sleep under a blanket of night sky full of bright stars. It is not often that we can sleep under the stars surrounded by nature, without thoughts that something can happen. Also, will beauty be awakened by the incredible Mediterranean sunrise?

    Request special offers for private gulet in Turkey starting from € 6,000 per week for groups of 8-10 people.

      Why chartering a gulet is the perfect travel solution for summer 2020

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      In the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, many people are reconsidering their summer 2020 vacation plans. We note with pleasure that for those who have planned the gulet cruise, Covid-19 has not curbed interest. Indeed, many are moving towards this type of “private” and “exclusive” holiday instead of thinking about staying in crowded resorts or cruise ships. In fact, the number of reservations in general for nautical tourism has a lesser drop than other types of holidays.

      We all know that planning a vacation can never be 100% risk-free, but it emerges that more and more people are interested in chartering boats in the middle of the Coronavirus epidemic. Here are some good reasons to choose a gulet holiday this summer.

      Limited contact with other people

      A private gulet is your private space, which you share only with the crew and other people in your family or circle of friends. Therefore, your contact with other people is very low compared to other types of holidays.
      Crew is generally composed of 3-5 members, few people with few external contacts who live on board the boat, therefore at a minimum the risk of Coronavirus. It’s not like hotels or cruise ships, where there are hundreds or even thousands of staff members to consider.

      Gulet cruise privacy on board

      Gulet cruise privacy on board

      Private spaces in gulet

      The crew of the gulets already dedicates a lot of time to daily cleaning, always guaranteeing a hygienic and sterile environment on board. We are currently taking new measures to ensure that our crews are increasingly diligent in hygiene that meet the highest standards of cleanliness.

      A nice private anchor

      Don’t feel like socializing with other people? No need to do it! We can customize the itinerary that avoids crowded areas or tourist hotspots, minimizing external cash.

      Between the Turkish coast and the Greek islands there are many uninhabited or little touristy islands, beaches accessible only by sea and secluded coves off the beaten track. All these places can only be reached by boat, so a caique is the best way to discover all that these destinations have to offer in complete safety.

      Exclusive Chef on board

      We have all started to be more vigilant about food preparation, it is not only for the Coronavirus situation. Fortunately, the rental of the private gulet means that it is not necessary to dine in the restaurants on the ground: you can enjoy the exclusive service dedicated only to you comfortably on board the gulet.
      The chefs on board our gulets are highly qualified and exceptionally talented with years of experience. For many of our guests the menu rating is that the food on board is superior to any restaurant on the ground.

      Freedom at the sea

      Freedom at the sea

      Freedom of the sea

      Gulets have large outdoor areas where you can sunbathe or relax in the shade, large outdoor lounges for intimate dinners and aperitifs in a bay. Most gulets have water games such as kayaks, water skis and flyboards, snorkeling equipment, ringos and paddles. You can also choose a gulet with diving equipment and an on-board instructor, so you can really get close to sea life.

      Your crew can organize themed evenings, extravagant dinners, picnics on the beach and elegant and exclusive parties under the stars for your group.

      There is really no need to go ashore, but if you want to take a walk in the evening your captain can find a sheltered berth near a small village where you can buy souvenirs and take a walk. Furthermore, the islands of Greece or the villages along the most interesting itineraries of the Turkish coast are never crowded, even in high season.

      Security of the reservation

      With the introduction of new cancellation policies, the uncertainties of being able to travel abroad in the short / medium term are taken into account, we want to meet all our guests with the possibility of changing the date without penalty even for summer 2021.

        Gulet cruising North Dodecanese islands

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        North Dodecanese gulet cruise is the ideal holiday, for those who want to enjoy total relax and comfort of the gulet yacht , at the same time to spend an active holiday visiting different harbors of the islands.

        In a week of vacation on board  you can navigat Patmos island, famous for its monastery and the narrow streets of Hora and Skala with numerous beautiful shops. Lipsi islands, of which Lipsi is the main island, in addition to the uninhabited islets with beautiful sea like Arki and Makronissi. North Dodecanese gulet itinerary can also include the islands of Kalymnos and Leros , much less worldly, but very traditional and interesting. And obviously many beautiful bays are the blue lagoon of Pserimos, the sea of ​​Aspronissi and the fjord of Vathy.

        North Dodecanese gulet cruise from Bodrum

        The choice of gulets in Bodrum is wide and you can choose boats of different categories or suitable for all budgets. For Turkish gulets entering Greece there are some obligations such as boarding and disembarking must be in Turkey and the extra payment of the transit log which affects the price of the holiday.
        There are few gulets available for boarding on Kos island in Grecce, even if the choice is very limited compared to the offer from Bodrum. In this case, however, you have the convenience of leaving directly from Greece and there are no extra expenses for the transit log.

        Cabin charter gulet cruise

        North Dodecanese islands cruise can also be booked as shared cruise if you are a small group or a couple or a family.

        This  itinerary is operating from Bodrum with prices starting from € 500 in low season and € 800 in high season in superior gulets with full board included.

        Instead if you are a group of 8 or ideal 10 \ 12 people, the ideal choice is the private gulet, therefore for your exclusive use. The prices vary according to the type of gulet and are a little higher than the shared gulet cruise. But in this case the gulet will be for your exclusive use and you can decide the stages of the holiday, as well as the menu and other details.

        Easter week and 25 april gulet cruise from Santorini

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        Gulet holiday in the Cyclades islands during the Easter week from 11th to 18th April , from 18 April to 25 April and the week from 25th April to 2nd May. All departures all confirmed

        Special itinerary Cyclades islands

        Day 1

        Gulet embarkation in Santorini and visit of the Santorini island with overnight stay in the harbor. Dinner on board.

        Day 2

        Early in the morning we will start sailing to Ios island. Chora is the capital town and most important village of this Greek island. It rises in the shape of an amphitheater on a hill, with cubic houses, winding streets and arches that create a wonderful and magical atmosphere. We will spend Easter Sunday on Ios and have the opportunity to visit the church of the Virgin Mary Gremiotissa located on a hill at the highest point of Chora. Dinner and overnight in Ios.

        Day 3

        Today we sail to beautiful Small Cyclades. It is a handful of small islands with paradisiacal beaches and wild nature. The inhabited islands are four and they are: Koufonissi, Iraklia, Schinoussa, and Donoussa, while the others are large rocks that offer breathtaking views admired by the boat. Dinner and overnight on board.

        Day 4

        We vist Naxos island today. The morning will be dedicated to swimming and relaxation in the bays  and then we will set sail to visit the city and port of Naxos. It is fascinating to approach the island for the first time and appreciate the view of the city and castle to dominate everything. Entering the streets of the capital you will love to scroll many shops and  seafront cafes  and taverns. Free dinner in a local tavern and overnight on board.

        Day 5

        After breakfast, we will reach the island of Paros and spend the day in one of the beautiful coves. In the late afternoon we will reach Naoussa. The fish taverns, the typical “ouzerie” and the colorful caiques make this place one of the most picturesque harbors in the Aegean! Free dinner in a local tavern and overnight on board.

        Day 6

        In the morning we will reach the Anti Paros island. Our day will be dedicated to the sea and relaxation, but also to the discovery of the island. The main attraction is the Spileo cave, rich in stalactites and stalagmites; it was discovered during the reign of Alexander the Great. Dinner and overnight on board.

        Day 7

        Today we will sail to Santorini visiting the island of Sikinos for lunch. Before sunset we will reach Santorini where we will spend the last evening on board with farewell dinner and overnight.

        Day 8

        Disembarkation in Santorini in the morning before 10.30 am.


        Included in the price

        Full board: breakfast, lunch
        4 dinners on board
        All mooring fees
        Transit log and formalities
        Crew service
        Shipping costs, fuel, drinking water
        Bed linen and bath towels
        Use of on-board equipment
        Gulet insurance

        Not included in the price

        Soft drinks, wines, spirits from the bar on board. It is not allowed to bring drinks from outside. The bar is paid on board in cash at the end of the cruise. Natural water is included with meals.
        Tip for the crew
        Flights & Transfers


          Special offer Cyclades by gulets in May

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          Cyclades islands an archipelago of more than 200 islets are among the most visited in Greece and considered by many to be the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. With their pristine landscapes and small harbors characterized by white and blue houses, colorful bougainvillea and small taverns.

          The only flaw of the Cyclades is probably the wind. The meltemi, especially in the summer months from late May to early October. It is undoubtedly pleasant on the hottest days, but also very annoying in navigation or even it can prevent navigation between the islands for several days.

          For this reason, the Cyclades islands, although a paradise to be discvered by gulet, offer few boarding possibilities.

          Our offer for the Cyclades cruises by gulets are for the low season months; the ideal period is from May to mid-June.

          This holiday is a mixture of navigation between the beautiful islands of Santorini – Ios – Schoinoussa – Koufunissi – Naxos – Rinea – Mykonos, between isolated bay, visits to villages and dinners in local taverns or on board.


          • We will sail some of the most spectacular islands of Greece such as Santorini, Mykonos and Ios.
          • Lesser known treasures like the small Cyclades like Koufonisia
          • An ideal climate for making land visits.
          • Try the ouzo and the grilled octopus
          • Immerse yourself in the typical white and blue architecture of the charming fishing villages.
          • Let yourself be captivated by the spectacular sunsets of Santorini

            Available dates

            EASTER FROM 11 TO 18 APRIL  AND 25 APRIL TO 02 MAY FROM SANTORINI  to Ios, Small Cyclades, Paxos, Naxos, Antipaxos back to Santorini. Price 650€

            09 MAY – 16 MAY FROM SANTORINI TO MYKONOS (Santorini – Ios – Schoinoussa – Koufunissi – Naxos – Rinea – Mykonos)

            650 € PER PERSON IN DOUBLE CABIN

            16 – 23 MAY FROM MYKONOS TO SANTORINI (Mykonos – Rinea – Naxos – Paros – Koufunissi – Ios Santorini

            650 € PER PERSON IN DOUBLE CABIN

            23 MAY – 30 MAY SANTORINI TO MYKONOS (Santorini – Ios – Schoinoussa – Koufunissi – Naxos – Rinea – Mykonos

            900 € PER PERSON IN DOUBLE CABIN *limited availability

            MAY 30 – JUNE 06 MYKONOS TO SANTORINI (Mykonos – Rinea – Naxos – Paros – Koufunissi – Ios Santorini

            900 € PER PERSON IN DOUBLE CABIN

            JUNE 06 – JUNE 13 SANTORINI TO KOS (Santorini – Anafi – Asypalya – Nera – Kalymnos- Pserimos – Kos

            900 € PER PERSON IN DOUBLE CABIN