Epic cruise between myth and beauty

Every part of Greece is different, so are the views, the smells, the light, the winds. The islands of Ionian is where Greece smell of olive, rosemary and stone walls. These islands are verdant, languid and with sweet outlines. Nature is majestic with transparent water, intense perfumes, hospitable population, delicious honey.The wind from the North West is constant but light. There is no strong Meltemi here. During the day it is great for sailing, at night the wind drops and gives an almost surreal calm. The sea is calm, warm and amazing in all shades of blue.

Of the 120 islands that make up the archipelago of Ionian islands, only about twenty are inhabited. The larger ones guarantee more services and also entertainment. The little ones have little more than a tiny village to offer, with small restaurants located on the sea and a single bar where you can  chat with locals while sipping Ouzo, Metaxa or why not Mastika .

Zante gulet cruise

After a great succes of our Corfu and Ionian islands cruise in the summer 2020, we give you a great opportunity to visit by gulets the South part of Ionian islands. We are going to navigate the best islands of this amazing archipelagos like Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Itaka and Meganissi.

The real beauty of the gulet cruise holiday is to wander here and there, discovering places and coves that are always new and different. We usually make one ot two stops for swimming  and one for the night, to enjoy different scenarios together. Of course, we almost always reach our sailing destinations. Above all, we live relaxed and full days and in the evening we have the typical tiredness of those who have experienced so many emotions.

Those who want to rest, those who want to share sunsets and aperitifs, those who want to swim, snorkel, dive and sightseein. Without stress, without running. Living at a more natural pace. If this is the type of vacation you are looking for, you are welcome on board. We will certainly get along well.

Cabin gulet cruise from Zante is boarding every Saturday in the main harbour of Zakyntos town. Our firts cruise will be end of May and all cruises weeks are confirmed till October.

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