Why chartering a gulet is the perfect travel solution for summer 2020

In the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, many people are reconsidering their summer 2020 vacation plans. We note with pleasure that for those who have planned the gulet cruise, Covid-19 has not curbed interest. Indeed, many are moving towards this type of “private” and “exclusive” holiday instead of thinking about staying in crowded resorts or cruise ships. In fact, the number of reservations in general for nautical tourism has a lesser drop than other types of holidays.

We all know that planning a vacation can never be 100% risk-free, but it emerges that more and more people are interested in chartering boats in the middle of the Coronavirus epidemic. Here are some good reasons to choose a gulet holiday this summer.

Limited contact with other people

A private gulet is your private space, which you share only with the crew and other people in your family or circle of friends. Therefore, your contact with other people is very low compared to other types of holidays.
Crew is generally composed of 3-5 members, few people with few external contacts who live on board the boat, therefore at a minimum the risk of Coronavirus. It’s not like hotels or cruise ships, where there are hundreds or even thousands of staff members to consider.

Gulet cruise privacy on board

Gulet cruise privacy on board

Private spaces in gulet

The crew of the gulets already dedicates a lot of time to daily cleaning, always guaranteeing a hygienic and sterile environment on board. We are currently taking new measures to ensure that our crews are increasingly diligent in hygiene that meet the highest standards of cleanliness.

A nice private anchor

Don’t feel like socializing with other people? No need to do it! We can customize the itinerary that avoids crowded areas or tourist hotspots, minimizing external cash.

Between the Turkish coast and the Greek islands there are many uninhabited or little touristy islands, beaches accessible only by sea and secluded coves off the beaten track. All these places can only be reached by boat, so a caique is the best way to discover all that these destinations have to offer in complete safety.

Exclusive Chef on board

We have all started to be more vigilant about food preparation, it is not only for the Coronavirus situation. Fortunately, the rental of the private gulet means that it is not necessary to dine in the restaurants on the ground: you can enjoy the exclusive service dedicated only to you comfortably on board the gulet.
The chefs on board our gulets are highly qualified and exceptionally talented with years of experience. For many of our guests the menu rating is that the food on board is superior to any restaurant on the ground.

Freedom at the sea

Freedom at the sea

Freedom of the sea

Gulets have large outdoor areas where you can sunbathe or relax in the shade, large outdoor lounges for intimate dinners and aperitifs in a bay. Most gulets have water games such as kayaks, water skis and flyboards, snorkeling equipment, ringos and paddles. You can also choose a gulet with diving equipment and an on-board instructor, so you can really get close to sea life.

Your crew can organize themed evenings, extravagant dinners, picnics on the beach and elegant and exclusive parties under the stars for your group.

There is really no need to go ashore, but if you want to take a walk in the evening your captain can find a sheltered berth near a small village where you can buy souvenirs and take a walk. Furthermore, the islands of Greece or the villages along the most interesting itineraries of the Turkish coast are never crowded, even in high season.

Security of the reservation

With the introduction of new cancellation policies, the uncertainties of being able to travel abroad in the short / medium term are taken into account, we want to meet all our guests with the possibility of changing the date without penalty even for summer 2021.