Beaches and holiday resorts on Patmos

The island of Patmos offers a variety of beaches and holiday resorts, destination to relax, enjoy authentic Greek tastes and swim in crystal water during your vacation.

Skala is the administrative and commercial center of Patmos with 2,000 inhabitants. His impressive harbour hosts many fishing boats as well as ferries and cruise ships. The seafront is characterized by a few buildings dating Italian period and many Greek tavernas and cafes. Here are most of the hotels in Patmos and a small sandy beach very popular with visitors on daily excursion.

Skala harbour

Skala is a vibrant center and perfect contrast to the quiet and a bit mysterious Hora. Inside the town is a main square surrounded by cafes and extend around some streets with unique shops and exclusive gold jewelrys, precious icon-art shops and Byzantine galleries. Churches are hidden behind almost every corner while the San John Baptistery, where he used to baptize the people is the most important historical monument. Behind the town, is located Kastelli, the ancient capital with some remains of the walls and the Greek Church of St. Constantine.

The main road is leading from the village of Skala to Kambos, located 5 km away. The first beach along this road, reachable also by taxi-boat, is the Meloi Beach. Because its proximity to Skala, it is popular with locals and tourists. On the beach, equipped with umbrellas and sun beds, you can find a bit of shade under the trees as well as a beautiful sea and shallow water making it ideal for families.

Much quieter is the nearby bay with a beach called Agriolivado. This small and secluded bay is a sand and pebble beach surrounded by lush vegetation. The waters are clean and crystalline. Here is a small marina where in summer time anchor some luxurious private yachts whose appearance contrasts dramatically with the modest small and colorful local boats.

Kambos beach on Patmos

Village if Kambos is divided into two parts: the upper part is the village Ano with a square surrounded by the church, the school, and some very typical Greek tavernas while the lower part is known as the popular Kambos Beach. Kambos is very popular with families because of its shallow water, where you can also enjoy many water sports. It is a shingle beach, extending over kilometres, with clean and plenty of tree shade. Plenty of hotels line the beach, as well as taverns.

The road continues to Alyki where we find Vaghià beach, a thin strip of gravel lined with tamarisk trees. The sea water here can be a little chilly and deep, but it is a great place for snorkeling. Further on it is located Livadi tou Gernou in enclosed bay of St. George.  This part of the island of Patmos is not crowded and bit remote, but offers beautiful landscapes and quiet beaches.

North Beaches Patmos

To the north, following the road that leads to Geranos in the plain of Livadi are numerous small cloistered communities voted to retreat. It is believed that here, in the early nineteenth century, a real movement of ascetics, known as Kolivades, was determined to bring the Christian faith to its ancient origins. The traces of this curious group of hermits can still be seen in Kathisma, near the beach of Lambi.

Here are several bays including Lambi; a long beach with shady tamarisks and is famous for its rare multicolored pebbles. It is definitely one of the best beaches in the north of Patmos although constantly windy. There is a taverna on the beach serving fresh fish and a variety of other traditional dishes. Nearby there is St. Nicolas church dedicated to the saint, the patron of sailors and the famous Metamorphosis church, one of the most important on the island.

Back on the west coast is Lefkes, unique accessible point on the west coast, very rocky place severely beaten by the winds of the north. Lefkes is a beautiful bay with a Greek taverna and is frequented because of the good food than for sunbathing. To the south there are two roads, one leading to the coastal resort town of Patmos, and the other to the far end of the island of Patmos.

Grikos and beautiful South Beaches Patmos

The toursit resort of Grikos is a lovely fishing village lying 5 kilometers from Skala, in the bay of Grikos. The main attraction of the village is its long sandy beach and its crystalline waters, were various water sports are available. Traditional taverns and fine cafes are scattered in the village, which have various accommodations to offer.

Following the road you will find a series of small beaches,  including Petra, probably the most beautiful bay and landscape of Patmos. Petra in greek means rock, and in fact the view here is dominated by a very distinctive monolith known as Kalikatsou, once known as a refuge for hermits. You can not miss the visit of Mount Kokkino and the highest peak of the island, Profitis Elias (279m) with a church on top. Can be easily reached by along the asfalt road, even if the church is partly closed, the scenery is beautiful. It certainly worth a visit is Psili Ammos beach, a 20-minute walk along a path. Sandy beach with clear blue sea, not very convenient to reach, many tourists are taken here directly by boat from Skala.