Getting around Patmos

Getting around Patmos is not difficult at all.

Skala, the main port of Patmos where dock all the ferries, is located in the middle of the island. Patmos lies along a north-south axis; were it not for a narrow central isthmus, it would be two islands, north and south.  Above Skala looms the hilltop capital of Hora, comprising byzantine town and the fortified monastery of St. John the Divine.

There are really only two other towns on Patmos: Kambos to the north and Grikou to the south. While Kambos is a real village of roughly 500 inhabitants, Grikou is mostly a resort, a creation of the tourist industry.

The best way to visit Patmos is by scooter. Patmos is middle-size island, it is very easy to drive around with two weels. Some beaches can be reached by boat, while Hora and Skala are well connected with public transport.