Restaurants, taverns and ouzeri in Kos

Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine based on fish, meat, local fresh vegetables, olive oil and spices. In all the islands, as well as on Kos, you will find many simple local taverns and excellent restaurants with international cuisine. In general, the prices are acceptable almost everywhere especially when compared with the prices in other tourist destinations. It should be emphasized that in some places are not accepted credit cards.

Taverns and restaurants in Kos Town

If you want a great night out and have the best fish dinner in Kos town, we reccomed to visit the street Averof known for its fish taverns. One of the best, not only of Kos town but of the whole island, is certainly the fish tavern called Nick the Fisherman (tel.22420-23098). The owner named Lari will be delighted to list you the menu. The exhilarating Lary, such as the environment in general, is extremely friendly and engaging. At this tavern you will find only fresh fish and are not accepted credit cards.

* summer 2022 Nick the Fisherman changes location and moves to the beach at the end of Averof street next to Tazan Beach!

By Nick the Fisherman restaurant, we recommend to order meze -starters based on fish such as fried / grilled / filled with cheese (the best on the island) squids-kalamari, mussels in wine, shrimp or salmon rolls, sea urchins, grilled octopus,  marinated mackerel and other appetizers. There is always a wide selection of fresh fish as bream, snapper, mulle. Try as well  Dakos bread with tomato, feta cheese and oregano. Closed on Monday. Average prices! Excellent!

For a good grilled fish at affordable prices we advise to visit Sardelles Restaurant on the same road opposite to Nick. Here you will find more delicate, refined service than the average and a professional and attentive staff. You can choose fish or other traditional Greek dishes prepared by Katerina and Amir, the kind owners. Sardelles restaurant offers traditional red cheese saganaki, sea food carbonara, stuffed squid, sea food kritharoto (Greek version of Paella) and sea bass cooked in salt in the over and served while on fire. Open every day. Average prices! Very Good!

Traditional Greek food

At the small narrow streets of the Old Town of Kos, in Apellou you will find the restaurant Elia. Located in a building constructed at 1890, two young people regenerated and created, guided by the companionship and assisted by the selected traditional recepies taken from all over Greece, tighten with wood and stone. Elia restaurant in Kos town is ideal for enjoying a special Greek way of dining. From Greek various cheeses to “pastourma”. “gardoumpa” and “frygadelia”, “tsigarides” to “spetsofai”, “kavoyrdisto” meat to fresh fish of the day. Together follows “ouzo” from all over Greece, wine, “tsipouro”, draft beer, “rakomelo”, boiler extracts and house made liquers. Prices mid / low! Excellent!


If you are looking for a place to eat a meat-based dinner, at the top of the ranking of the best restaurants in Kos town, if not the whole island of Kos, it is certainly the Lambros tavern. You will find it near the center on Psaron street, a side street of the main Kanari street. At this tavern you will not find fish dishes, but only Greek cuisine and grilled meat. In recent years Lambros has been recognized as one of the best meat taverns in all of Greece. We recommend pork ribs, bacon, pork or chicken souvlaki (skewers) and kimà ( beef skewers), and in general all dishes cooked on the grill. Lambros is one of the oldest taverns in Kos town and for locals it represents a real institution. Always very popular also simply for its fabulous sandwiches with souvlaki or kimà. Open for dinner only. Medium-low prices. Excellent!

Another characteristic tavern in the center of Kos town is the Cretan taverna-Kriti, located near Freedom Square under the stairs leading to the church of S.Paraskevi. The name indicates that the kitchen is typically Cretan as the owner actually comes from the island of Crete. The place is lively and very popular as it offers excellent dishes of meat and fish at good prices. Open every day – Average prices. Good!

Slightly outside Kos town is located a typical tavern Ampavri (location Ampavris) very cozy and quiet place seving excellent Greek food at low prices. The tables set up in the garden  and courtesy of Yorgos, the owner, will certainly make your night here very pleasant. Serves typical Greek homemade dishes as meatballs with zucchini and chickpeas, saganaki (fried cheese), the melanzanosalata (mashed grilled eggplant), the dolmades (stuffed vine leaves stuffed with meat). Open for dinner only. Low prices. Excellent!

Dinning out in the villages of Kos

Platani, turkish village of Kos  is famous for restaurants with greek and turkish cuisine. We recommend Serif tavern, based on a small square offering excellent Yaourtlou (vegetables with yogurt), stuffed zucchini blossoms and the Iskender kebab (grilled meat with tomato sauce and yogurt). Open daily – Price low to medium.Very Good!

For a romantic dinner after admiring the sunset in Zia  you can visit  one of the best restaurants on the island called Oromedon.(tel. 22420-69983). Located on the main square of the village, offers a variety of Greek dishes in a pleasant atmosphere, although still fairly popular and therefore crowded. Average prices. Great!

If you are looking for a quiet and simple place look for the tavern Zia No Stress along the lane that goes to church and ends into an old house with tables on the balcony. A few dishes, especially grilled meats and dishes of the day are served. Low prices. Good!

In the Tigaki, close to Irina beach hotel is located Ambeli, a real gem for those seeking a non-touristy and special place. It is located literally in the Vineyard with grapes where the visitor has the opportunity to dine in the most beautiful and lush environment in specially designed area.You can choose from our extensive menu of dishes all of which created the custody of the owner and his wife. Low prices. Great!

The best taverns and restaurants in the south of the island of Kos

If you are staying in the resort Kardamena we suggest you visit the restaurant Avli recreated in the garden of one of the oldest houses in Kardamena with cozy atmosphere with a touch of elegance and refinement which distinguish it from all others. Difficult to give advice on the menu  recommended by Panos, the owner of the restaurant. The only drawback is the closeness of the tables so choose a table near the wall of the garden where you can maintain more privacy! Open for dinner only. Medium to high price. Excellent!

During your stay you will certainly spend at least one day in the south of the island where are the most beautiful beaches of Kos. Even in these parts taverns are numerous,  mostly tourist and not so inviting.  A great choice for lunch or dinner is the fish tavern Limnionas above a charming little harbor. The prices here are a little more ‘higher than average but the quality is really good. Average prices. Very good!

Agios Teologos beach has a nice traditional seaside tavern, a favorite by the locals for Sunday outing. It serves seafood and Greek cuisine  with tables set up on a terrace with a fantastic sea view. Price low to medium. Excellent!

Situated in the tourist resort Mastihari are several sea-food tavernas . The best and MOST popular among locals is the restaurant Kalymnos by Perikles. It offers mese plates based on fish  excellent grilled squid and octopus, as well as a wide selection of fresh fish. Average prices. Excellent!