Gulet description

Standard Gulet  boats description; are simple, comfortable gulets, generally have six or more double cabins with private bathroom.

Superior Gulet boat or standard plus gulets description are the most recent and comfortable boats. Usually have 6 or more cabins with private bathroom. They have air conditioning. (in use 4-6 hours per day). Pls note: air condition is not in use during the night and inside the marinas.

Other cabin gulet routes are operated with “no name” standard or superior gulets;  the name and characteristics are not known in advance. The boat is assigned shortly before the departure day and might have 6 or more dbl cabins. There cruises can be considered like low cost last minute deals, so the description of the boat it is not provided in advance.

Description of cabins on board

All cabins are equipped with a double bed (about 120-150cm wide). Most of the gulets have same size cabins. Our gulets can not accommodate more than two people in the cabin (except on Mykonos, Ionian and North Sporades cruise)

Cabins have a porthole, a small wardrobe and bedside table, mirror and some place under the bed to accommodate your things. Services consist of a sink with hand-shower and toilet with pump system. Superior gulets might have shower box. It is strictly forbidden to throw toilet paper in the toilet. The baskets are emptied daily.

Your gulet cabin is supplied with clean linen that is not changed during the week. A towel per person is provided. There are no beach towels on board.

Gulet’s public areas

Gulet boats are spacious and have large areas both inside and outside. In the shade of the aft deck there is sofa where you can relax during the day / evening and a large table where meals are served. In the sun on the bow there are several sunbeds for sunbathing.

Sun deck can be protected from the sun during the hottest hours. At the side is the ladder to go easily in water and there is outdoor shower as well. In the inner hall there is usually a second table and the bar.

On board there are 12-24 volts of electricity, 220 volts are guaranteed a few hours per day with use of generator. You can charge the battery of your phone and camera, but we can not gurantee daily use of the electric shaver or hair dryer. The sockets are adapted to European standards.

On board we can not ensure internet connection, but at most of the ports you can connect to the local WI-FI network. At some bays can be not possible to use mobile network, the captain use the radio to communicate with the authorities.

Gulet boats have at your disposal: TV (local programs), radio with CD player, some masks and fins for snorkeling. Tender (dingy) can be used sometimes for trasfering passengers from the boat and can only be operated by the crew.

Crew on gulet boat

The crew consists of the captain, the cook and one or two sailors, depends on the size of the boat. Usually the crew speaks basic English and sometimes other European languages; German or Italian.

On first day all the informations and details about the cruise will be given by our representative in the port of departure.

During your gulet cruise the crew can give you interesting information about the places, the history, traditions. The crew takes care of the daily cleaning as well as the final cleaning of the boats. The common areas are cleaned several times a day, while in the cabins are emptied bins and clean the bathroom.

A crew gratuity (tips) is both customary and discretionary. 5% – 10% of the base charter fee is usually the norm depending totally on your discretion. It is usually given to the captain at the end of the charter and divided equally among the crew members.