Cruises in Greece

Cabin gulet cruises in Greece is a dream holiday for sea lovers. Greek islands are in great demand for gulet cruises both in the shared “cabin charter” formula as well as gulet private charters. As a type of boat, the gulet is suitable for sailing in calm seas such as the Turkish coast and nearby Aegean islands. This is the area where gulet cruises are born and most of the gulets available for charters in Greece in areas adjacent to Turkey, such as the Dodecanese islands.

Cabin charter gulets in Ionian islands

The Ionian islands lie off Greece‘s western coast in a line from Zakynthos in the south to Corfu in the north. Part of the latter is closer to Albania than to the mainland.

Excellent sailing areas for the gulets with ideal conditions for this type of boat. The sea is almost always calm and there is not much navigation between the islands. Ionian islands can be sailed with standard low cost gulets or superior gule

Gulet cruises on Greek islands of Dodecanese

Dodecanese area includes numerous islands close to each other and sufficiently protected from the wind to guarantee pleasant navigation.

Only a short distance from Turkey’s Turquoise Coast in the southeastern Aegean, the Dodecanese group of islands lies in what is called the sunniest corner of Greece.

With twelve larger islands and numerous smaller uninhabited islands and islets, the Dodecanese Islands have the right mix of tourism and tradition, a fascinating history, two UNESCO World Heritage sites and stunning landscapes.

For all these reasons the North Dodecanese or South Dodecanese are the most frequent Greece gulet itineraries.

Cabin gulet in Greece around Cyclades

Cyclades consists of 39 islands, of which 24 are inhabited. With their white and blue houses and churches, their narrow and winding alleys, they really offer the typical Greek postcard scenery.

Cycladic islands are very much in demand and undoubtedly beautiful, but have some limitations. Very windy, especially in the months of late June and mid-September which are the most requested months for this type of holiday. So, for this reason Cyclades islands are not really suitable for gulet cruises.