Frequent questions

Cabin gulet cruise is suitable for everyone?

Gulet cruise is a wonderful holiday for most of our clients, but not for all. Gulet cabin charter is for many the first experience on gulet boat that takes our guests to fall in love with this kind of holiday. But to avoid unpleasant surprises is important to know as much details possible about the route. Here are some frequent questions answers about the boat and how you will spend your time on board.

Our staff gained invaluable experience and will follow you during the booking process giving you correct and detailed infos to create the finest cabin charter vacation holidays – contact us for a no obligation quote.

Frequent questions before you book a cabin gulet cruise

Gulet is a boat! This means that offers limited space and it is important to follow a few simple, but important rules. Cabin charter is a gulet holiday for people who usually do not know each other. This kind of holiday is a good value for money sea holiday, but can not be customized as the private cruises – private charter.

    On cabin charter gulet cruise you can expect a lot of swimming, relaxation, sun, interesting sightseeings and nights out with friends. But do not expect that the captain changes the route or daily programme accorning to your personal needs!

    Routes are defined by the captains who know the areas of navigation and can only be changed by the captain / master or port authorities. Captain informs the passengers about details of the next day cruising at dinner time. He is always available to do small changes where possible and when the whole group agrees.

    Even if we always try to observe the route programme, the captain could reverse the daily programme or change the route according to weather conditions. The captain can is responsable for boat and passengers safety. His decisions are final final and are not subject to redemption.

    Most of the time on board is spent in total relax sunbathing in the various bays. Some cabin charter itineraries on Greek island routes gives more opportunities to visit different islands / archeological places, while on Turkish coast routes you will spend more time in the bays.

    Cabin charter gulet means traveling with other people who may be of different nationality, age, political and religious orientations. When we assign the boats we can not consider all individual requests. It is important to integrate into the group, but it is not necessary not spend all your time together.

    Frequent questions about service on board

    Standard or superior cabin charter gulets does not offer a luxury service. Daily cleaning is basic (the beds in the cabins are not done), table and bar service is informal, so you will not need a special evening dress and you will mainly walk barefoot or in boat-shoes.

    Menu on board is fixed, you must notify us at time of booking if you follow a special diet. Weekly menu is based on Greek and Turkish cuisine generally much appreciated by our guests. It is a simple mediteranean cuisine that ranges from meat or fish and vegetables prepared in many different ways.

    How to book a gulet cruise?

    Our cabin charter gulets departures are from Rhodes island, Mykonos island or Evvia and Bodrum or Marmaris in Turkey.  Boarding is the first day after the 3 p.m. while disembarkation is on the last day after breakfast by 9.30 a.m. The details about the gulet and the location of the yacht in the harbour will be announced prior to departure.

    The price for the cruise do not fall before the departure, there are no last-minute offers. Lowest price is guaranteed if you book some months before the departure. Greek Islands routes are very requested and usually operated by one gulet only. You should book in advance if you want to cruise in high season.

    Generally, gulets have double cabins, the price is per person based on double occupancy.  Single use supplement is +60%. There are no family cabins on board, children pay the same price as adults. We do not recommend the cabin charter cruise for children under the age of 10. For families with small childreen are more suitable private charter cruises.

    What luggage should I bring on board?

    We receive frequent questions about what to pack in your luggage? We recommend that you avoid the rigid suitcases as they occupy a lot of space in the cabin.  Pack comfortable clothing, made of materials that can be washed by hand and dried in the sun as T-shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans and a sweatshirt in case it gets cool at night or during navigation. For those who make the gulet cruise in April and October isd also recommend a wind-proof jacket or sometning similar.

    On board you can not use shoes, is advisable to walk barefoot or with boat shoes, flip flops or slippers. Do not forget your swimsuit and beach towel, sunscreen with a high protection factor, as in boat you may get burnt by the sun more easily. Many people love to sleep outside on deckunder a thousand stars Aegean.

    On board you will find some masks for snorkeling and fishing lines, but if you are enthusiast about this activiteis we suggest you to bring your own equipment. There are no facilities for diving as for this type of activity is forbidden in many areas, or special permits are requested that cabin charter gulets do not have.

    Excursions during your gulet cruise might be organized by the local agent; in this case you can book your excursion on arrival on board.