Watersports and more

Gulet cruises offer endless possibilities when it comes to activities. Fun activities both from the gulet and ashore as watersports, trekking, sightseeing, shopping, exploring archeological sights and more. Learn more and find the right gulet for you.

Excursions on your gulet cruise

Most of our guests choose this holiday to enjoy the sea, sun and lots of relaxation pampered by the crew with excellent cuisine and exclusive service. At the same time, almost all gulet itineraries include stops where it is possible to visit places of historical and cultural interest or a small harbors where to do some sightseeing and shopping.

We can organize excursions according to your needs which can include transfers and a service of a local guide. Excursions must be requested at the time of booking or before the start of the cruise. During the cruise we cannot guarantee the availability of a guides for all destinations.

In many cases it is possible to visit places of interest also on your own own. In many cases it is possible to visit the sights of interest also on your own as if you decide to spend the evening in the small harbour, you gulet will be anchored in the center of the town.

Watersports on gulets

Many gulets have watersports sports equipment on board for guests. The choice of watersports is not the same for all gulets and is not strictly related to the category of gulet. All the boats have masks, snorkels and fins for snorkeling ; fishing wires (professional fishing is not allowed as it requires specific permission)and often also canoe.

Some gulets might have watersports like water ski, windsurf, ringo, wakeboard, paddle, jet ski etc. on board. The use of motor watersports in some cases is already included in the rental price; in this case, only the fuel consumed is paid extra. Some gulet owners, however, ask for the payment of an extra per day for use. Ask a quote for a Gulet Vesta Sevil fully equipped with watersports.

Regarding motor watersports on gulet cruises, some considerations and rules must be mentioned. Use must always be supervised by the crew; it is possible to use them only at certain times, when the crew has no other duties to perform. Moreover the use of watersports is prohibited near ports and beaches; in Greece it is often not possible to use them. If a gulet does not have the equipment you want, you can rent it from another gulet or from a local watersport. However, this solution is often very expensive and in most cases difficult to achieve. If for you the availability of watersports on board is a very important or essential aspect, it is essential to notify us of this already in your request or at the time of booking.

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