Bar on board

In order to make your private gulet cruise a perfect holiday a good planning for food and menu is very important. Full board menu does not include drinks unless otherwise specified. There are different solutions how to organize the bar on board.

  • Some gulets have equipped bar on board . In this case it is not advisable to bring drinks from the outside as can be purchased on board the gulet. These solution is mostly offered on cabin charter cruises.
  • Some boats offer all-inclusive alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks packages. These packages include an unlimited  bar on board that usually includes local brands depending on your preferences.
  • bar shopping list for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is another solution prefered by many of our guests. You can send to us PRIOR boarding the list of drinks you want on board. The captain will do the shopping for you and you will only pay the market price. Drinks will be served on board without extras, if you are satisfied with the service you can give an extra tip for the crew
  • you can plan to buy all drinks on your own at the local supermarkets before or during the cruise.

If your gulet itinerary is in Greece you will have the possibility to supply the bar almost every day. In Greece the prices and offers for drinks are similar to European  For those who decide to sail along the Turkish coast the supply possibilities are more limited, so you have to organize yourself at the port of departure. Furthermore, the Turkish government has increased the Otv taxation (Consumer tax on luxury goods) for alcoholic beverages. So above all, alcoholic beverages cost a lot more. We therefore suggest buying them at the airport duty free, instead of the normal shops in the localities.

Please send us information about your expectations, and we will help you planning a memorable cruise