Gulet in Greece 2022

Gulet cruise Greek islands of Dodecanese 2022

Dodecanese is a beautiful complex of Greek islands ideal for both sailing and gulet cruising. Located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea, between Rhodes and Patmos and the coast of Turkey are more than 100 islets including Kalymnos, Patmos and Kos and smaller islands such as Tilos, Lipsi, Leros, and Symi. Each of these islands offers a beautiful sea, natural landscapes and wonderful beaches, as well as a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

In the Dodecanese we will sail from 8 May until late October from Rhodes island aboard the VGO gulet. This gulet cruise in Greece visits the islands of the South Dodecanese including Symi, Chalki and Tilos. On board is included the all-inclusive treatment which includes all meals and the bar.

For the summer of 2022  cruises to the Dodecanese islands also sailing from Bodrum, both the northern and southern parts of the Dodecanese. The most popular remains the North Dodecanese gulet cruise which includes the view of the islands Patmos and Lipsi. This gulet itinerary begins in May sailing the larger islands, while the second gulet is planned for the other season, which itinerary focuses on smaller islands. The islands of the Dodecanese are sailed on a superior gulets and always include full board.

Cyclades islands

The Cyclades islands are the best known as the imaginary of Greece with the typical white and blue buildings, magnificent beaches and small blue domed churches. Unfortunately too windy in the warmer months, they are ideal for sailing between May and June or late September.

In the Cyclades we always collaborate with the historic captain Alex and his family on the beautiful gulets Syrolana, Kapetan Kozmas and Anatolie. With boarding on Saturday in Mykonos we will sail to Naxos, Paros and Delos as well as the beautiful Small Cyclades. A beautiful cruise under the banner of the sea, sun, relaxation and traditions with an exceptional crew!

Gulet vacation in Greece in the Ionian islands 2022

The Ionian islands are picturesque with calm seas and soothing turquoise waters meeting the beaches. From Corfu and Zakynthos we sail every Saturday in a standard gulet an itinerary where we spend the mornings in the bays, while in the early afternoon we visit the islands with free dinner at the marinas. From Messolonghi, on the other hand, they sail the Ionian de Sud route every Saturday the superior gulet Syrolana will embark with nights at anchor and visit of the small harbors.

Cabin gulet itineraries in Greece summer 2022


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