Gulet cruise in Italy summer 2021

Gulet cruise in Italy to experience the unique Italian “Dolce Vita” sailing among stunning cities, rich history and superb cuisine. The best itineraries, things to do, places to see and some of the best gulets available for charters in Italy. Let’s see what are the available itineraries for your next gulet holiday in Italy?

Aeolian Islands by gulets

A wonderful gulet cruise in Italy to discover the scenic beauties of the Aeolian Islands, nominated in 2000 as a World Heritage Site by Unesco; an enchanted journey in this wonderful archipelago of Sicily between uncontaminated sea, wild nature and never dormant volcanoes.

Aeolian Islands also known as the Lipari Islands are an archipelago of seven unique islands of unparalleled charm. A gulet cruise in Italy along these islands is a unique experience. In one week gulet cruise you will have the oportunity to discover Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Vulcano, Filicudi and Milazzo are on your wish list. Let’s start with Panarea which with the islets of Basiluzzo, Spinazzola and Lisca Bianca. Not to forget the rocks of Panarelli and Formiche, form a tiny archipelago to be discovered. We will not miss the port of San Pietro, with characteristic houses, shops and bars.

Gulet cruise in Italy highlights

Volcano island, where, according to Greek mythology, there were the forges of Hephaestus, Greek god of fire. Here you can observe different phenomena of volcanic origin: fumaroles, jets of steam both on the crest and submarines and the presence of sulphurous mud with appreciated therapeutic properties.

The call of Stromboli, home of the most active of European volcanoes, is also irresistible. If you are lucky you can witness the Sciara del Fuoco, the suggestive lava flow that descends to the sea.
A whole day should then be dedicated to Salina, the second largest island with the highest peaks in the archipelago, overlooking beautiful beaches such as Pollara. Among the things not to be missed is a a taste of the famous local granita.

Our cruise will also take us to the discovery of the smaller and more characteristic islands of the archipelago: Alicudi and Filicudi, with fabulous wild environments and lush underwater seabeds. In Filicudi you must certainly admire the spectacular Grotta del Bue, and the characteristic, for their unusual shapes, Faraglione La Canna and Scoglio della Fortuna. The quiet and peaceful Alicudi (cars are not allowed to circulate), is the most pristine island where you can discover incredible Mediterranean sceneries, such as the Scoglio della Galera.

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    Gulet cruise along Napoli and Amalfi coast

    Sailing holiday on the Amalfi Coast is suitable for daily or weekend cruises in low season. For instance, you will cruise among some of the most characteristic islands in the Mediterranean.  Renowned and lively towns of Positano and Capri, and wonderful days at sea in the sunny and quiet bays of Ischia and Procida. But not only. There are the ancient fishing village of Cetara (famous for anchovies) the lighthouse of Capo d’Orso, a panoramic view of the coast with Atrani,Ravello, Isola dei Galli and other attractions along the coast. Only in Capri a by boat you can decide for Marvelous Grotto, the White Grotto, the Green Grotto. Not to forget the way you can see the Natural Arch, Curzio Malaparte’s villa, the Faraglioni and the lighthouse of Punta Carena.

    When visiting Italy you should not miss the romantic places and magical moments that only the Amalfi Coast can offer. For sure, our cruises are designed to suit different needs. That is to say will allow our guests to visit the most beautiful and renowned areas in the world in a few miles of navigation.