How to reach the island of Lipsi?

Lipsi is part of the Dodecanese islands and can be easily reached from the island of Kos, Rhodes and Samos. The ferry connections are daily, but you must always take into account possible delays flight / ferry or  weather / wind /sea conditions. It is not neccesary to book ferry tickets / catamaran in advance if you travel in low season. It is often necessary book the first or last night on the island where the airport is. The ferries that connect the bigger islands and Lipsi are Dodecanisos Seaway and Blue Star.


Where to stay in Lipsi- info about hotel, apartments and studios

Lipsi is very busy during the month of August and much quieter during the other summer months. It is still a little visited island but exceptional from a naturalistic point of view. Indeed, much of the landscape is unspoiled and the visitor can encounter farmers riding atop their mules. Outside the island’s only town, throughout the hills, there are numerous small blue and white chapels, built by the islanders as ex-votos.

To fully enjoy the island of Lipsi a day trip is not enought as the beauty of Lipsi can be discovered living the island in all its tranquility. All accommodations are concentrated in the main village, which is also the only town on the island. The facilities are simple, family-bussineses offering rooms or apartments. It is advisable to book well in advance.

Places to visit

Lipsi is a small Greek island where it is not strictly neccesary to rent a veichle. Public transport is frequent and connect all the various locations and the main beaches of the island, which can be easily reached on foot. Walking is the ideal way to discover the island of Lipsi. Do not miss the excursion to the five islands that stops in Aspronisi, one of the most beautiful beaches in all Greece. If you are on the island in august to not miss the visit to the Cathedral and get involved in festivities for the miracle of Lipsi and wine festival.