Kos island Nightlife

In this section we illustrate all the local proposals to better enjoy the nightlife of Kos island.

Cocktail bars and Happy Hours

Greek aperitif is ouzo and meze –  anise liqueur diluted with water and served with a plate of appetizers. In the past few years, however varous places are offering aperitifs and cocktails before dinner time.

The most famous Mylos Beach Bar in Kos town is very popular by locals.A relaxing atmosphere in a large garden and  sandy beach is ideal place for a nice coctail before and after dinner. Another place offering beautiful sunset is Lofaki, a place situated on a hill near Kos town, 5 minutes drive from the city center. Stunning view, the best mojitos on the island of Kos, romantic and elegant enviorment.

In Psalidi is another nice place called Agios Fokas beach bar, located directly on the beach. Alternatively, if you want to stick around Kos town, you can head at the Nostos Beach Bar near the Marina of Kos. In the rest of the island is definitely advisable to go to Mastihari at the Bravo Beach Bar where, as well as great cocktails, you will enjoy a fantastic and wide sandy beach and great sunset.

The Bar Street in Kos town

After midnight, surely the most of the nightlife is the city of Kos in the place called Bar Street, a street  that goes from Plane tree Square up to Liberty Square. Some Disco Pubs have exposed the flags of favorite nationality, everybody is welcome but the service and the music are tailored to the needs and habits of tourists from those countries.

So there is the Hamam very popular with Italians, Dutch tourist go to De Heaven, Karisma is popular by Swedish tourists and so on. Doors and White Corner are famous for a bit rock music. The entry is free, so most of the young spent the night going from one bar to another, consuming the various drinks and shots offered by many P.R.  Bar Street in Kos town is popular with young people as well as the disco CLUB XL, located near Piazza dei Delfini.

XL Disco Club  is open in the evening as lounge bar offering half-price drinks till late and a disco club after midnight. Various theme nights are organized such as “Dancing contest,”  Miss XL and more. On Ifestou street, are various places that offer quieter evenings, the best known are the Global and the Bitter Sweat, while on the seafront you will find Disco – Pub called 4Roses.

The Party at the Beach in Kos

Along the beach of Kos town, in the direction of Lambi, there are many beach bars like Kavo Paradiso  and Heaven that organize great parties on the beach. These bars are open and busy during the day as they offer the possibility of using sunbeds / umbrellas and other services such as beach volleyball / tennis, water sports, music and entertainment.

Among many Beach Party we announce the “Watermelon Beach Party”, held at the Baltic Beach Bar always very popular among young people from across Europe with particular prevalence of Dutch tourists. Do not miss the evenings at Mylos Beach Bar where once a month is organized Full Moon Party of Kos, the largest beach party with amous bands and DJ. In the village of Tigaki beach parties at the Beach Bar King Size and rock music at Mickey place.

The Clubs and Nightlife in Kardamena

The second favorite destination for those looking for entertainment and nightlife on the island of Kos is Kardamena. Kardamena offers a wide variety of nightlife among the busiest on the island. For years known as a tourist destination for young English, today is a mix of tourist of all nationalities with wanting to have fun.

Status disco club is the largest, busiest and trendiest in Kardamena, the mood is very English, the music  tend to house and techno. Starlight Club is the favorite by the Italians offering theme evenings as foam party and popcorn party.

Downtown can be recognized by a small sign in the style of illuminated billboards on Broadway. In this club you can only listen music from the movies. Mad bar is located outside Downtown, towards the center of Kardamena. It is a place for Greeks with typical wooden furniture. The music is mostly modern greek. Indigo Room is the place where young people meet before going to the clubs. The  bar’s walls are painted indigo and has a large terrace on the square of Kardamena.