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Private gulet charter menu on board

Services on board

Gulet cruises includes; boat rental with crew; crew service; fuel according to the defined route up to 4 hours per day; water on board; use of on-board equipment; bed linen and towels; gulet insurance; national port taxes; assistance of our staff during your booking, embarkation and cruise.

Additional services are; menu (meals on board), excursions and activities during your cruise, transfers and various extras that will customize your holiday, such as baby sitter service, event organization on board such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.

Menu on board

When chartering a private gulet boat there are a bit different food policy beetween yachts. You have lots of different types of menus but which one is the best for you?

To avoid planning and confliction about what to buy you may benefit from our exclusive and traditional menus organized accorning to your requests. In our cruises, food section is one of the most appreciated fields. Generally our guests choose full board menu that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by our cook and served on board according to your preference list.

STANDARD ECONOMY MENU  from 175 € per week / person
SUPERIOR DE LUX MENU         from 245 € per week / person
LUXURY MENU                            from 350 € per week / person

In case of any dietary restriction, our chefs will prepare meals that would suit your special diet such as vegetarian, gluten free diet or special kids menu. You will receive our questionnaire where you may let us know your favorite foods and preference.

If you charter luxury gulets or extra luxury gulets standard menu is not availble. Menu on board can also be organized as half-board or breakfast only. We do not recommend this option as in this case you should always reach the ports for the meals which would put limits to your cruise.Dinning and spending the night in the secluded bay is one of the beautiful experiences during the cruise. The food on board is based on Greek and Turkish cuisine. Mediterranean diet incorporates the basics of healthy eating generally much appreciated by our guests.

Bar on board (botteld mineral water, alcoholic and soft drinks) may be required prior boarding  you will pay the market price with no extra charge for the service. You can provide all drinks on your behalf at supermarket even during the cruise or the crew can do the shopping for you. The service of all the drinks is always included in the price. Some gulets have bar on board; in this case you pay bar price for the drinks taken from the bar.

Watersports and activities

The gulet holiday is mostly dedicated to the sea; most of our guests choose this type of holiday to enjoy the beautiful sea, sun and total relax on board; spoilt by the crew with authentic cuisine and exclusive service. Almost all the itineraries include some places of historical-cultural interest. In this case, we can arrange an excursion for your group which may include transfers and local guides. In many cases it is possible to visit the sights of interest also on your own as if you decide to spend the evening in the small harbour, you gulet will be anchored in the center of the town.

Many gulets offer some watersports on disposal of the guests on board. The choice of watersports is not the same for all boats and does not concern the category of the gull. All boats have some snorkeling masks and fins on board (if you really love snorkeling we recommend that you bring your own as the ones on board might not perfect suites you); fishing rots (professional fishing is not always allowed) and often also canoes. Some gulets can have also: water ski, windsurf, ringo, wakeboard, paddle, jet ski etc. The use of motorized watersports is sometimes included in the rental price and in this case you only pay for the fuel consumed. Some gulets owners require extra payment for use; especially in the case of jet ski on board.

A premise must be made about motor watersports; the use must always be supervised by the crew; it is possible at certain times when the crew do not have other duties. Use of watersports is prohibited in proximity of ports and beaches; in Greece this activity might be very limited. If your gulet does not have the equipment you would like on board can be rented from another gulet or local watersport: in practice, however, this solution is very expensive and in most cases difficult to accomplish. If the availability of watersports on board is very important to you, you should advise us at the booking stage .

Private gulet charter total cost

Holiday on a private gulet boat with 6 cabins with all inclusive service, sailing Greek Islands with your friends or family on board will cost you from € 1.000 per person. In low season (May, early June and late September to October) the price can be even lower.

The cost is comparable to a great hotel in all-inclusive. But in any hotel, even the top luxury ones, you will always be 200 people in the dining room and maybe 500 on the beach. The beach will be every day the same, and if you would like to visit any place of interest you will have to rent a car or book excursions.

On gulet cruise instead everything will be organized exclusively for you!