Excursions on Santorini island

During your vacation on the island of Santorini, there are many excursions you can experience.

Do not miss the daily cruise on wooden boats or catamaran. You can sail around Santorini island, take a day boat trip to the Volcano, enjoy a Sunset Cruise to Oia, try your hand at the glass bottom boat excursion that explores the underwater rock shelf and swim in the Hot springs. During the day you can visit different beaches of Santorini, while evening cruises are sailing at sunset time as the sun falls into the sea.

Santorini offers a great opportunity for excellent wine-tasting. The wine of Santorini became famous under the influence of the Venetians. The Italian influence is still present in modern Santorini winemaking; one of the wines the region is known for is a sweet Vin Santo made in a passito style from grapes dried in the sun after harvest.

Wine tasting on Santorini

Koutsoyanopoulos Winery in Vothonas was founded in 1880 and houses also the museum of wine. The wine museum place is eight meters from the ground level along its 300 meters of corridors and caves is depicting the history of wine production on the island of Santorini. Among the wines in the tasting is fruity white Assyrtiko Koutsoyannopoulos on the basis of only one variety of grapes grown in the vineyard.

Boutari Winery is another winery that has open door for the visitors in the southern part of the island. Among the variety of wines, is famous ‘Moschofilero Boutari’ that is produced with a variety of Moschofilero and the ‘Kamaritis’. This wine, whose name derives from the word ‘kamara’ which means wine, aged for ten years in oak barrels after the period of drying grapes harvested on racks in the sun for two weeks.

The Vin Santo from Santorini is well known and famous all over the world. Vinsanto is made from late harvested grapes that have been dried in the sun and stored for 24 months in oak barrels. Can be tasted in the wine cellars.