Leros island beaches and villages

Greek island of Leros is a small Greek island that offers a  beautiful landscape of green hills and many bays to enjoy the sun and sea. Village of Pandeli Leros is a simple greek fishing village with good tavernas and a few simple roomed rooms overlooking the waterfront. Shaded beach is a strip of yellow sand and small pebbles. From Pandeli the road continues uphill to the castle passing near famous and beautiful windmills of Leros. In the south, however, is Vromolitos, the largest town of Leros after Pandeli, with a beautiful sandy beach and a few apartments and hotels.

Alinida bay

A 2 km from Agia Marina lies the bay of Alinda, the most popular tourist on Leros. Most of the hotels, pensions and apartments can be found here. This location has a nice the waterfront with bars  music and entertainment throughout the day. Before arriving in the center of Alinda you pass Krithoni resort, where there are several hotels and a narrow beach.  There is also a well known Cemetery in Memorial of the Battle of Leros.

At Alinda you will enjoy the long, narrow beach, mostly with sand and pebbles,  equipped with sun beds and umbrellas Alinida beach offers a good service of water sports as well as the pleasant shade of the tamarisk trees. In the central square, at the Castle Belleni is the Ethnographic Museum which displays various objects of daily life and parts of the military ship Vasilisa Olga, sunk in these waters during the Battle of Leros. A 15 minute walk takes you to a hidden cove between the rocks and very quiet, called Panagia, the sea is always calm and clear.

Bay of Gourna

On the opposite side of the island of Leros, 3 km west of the capital, is the Bay of Gourna. Gouna bay is always fairly windy and not very crowded. It consists of two beaches: Gourna, broad and yellow sand, and Drymonas, small and narrow beach. The village offers a few houses and some tourist facilities. Very similar is the nearby village of Kokkari with a beautiful beach, located just to the north. These are the only three beaches on the island of Leros to be completely sandy. Nearby you can visit the church of Agios Isidoros built on a rock in the sea, it is a very romantic place! The little chapel is built on the site of an ancient temple, the ruins of which can still be seen behind the altar.

South part of Leros – beaches and villages leros

Heading towards the south of the island of Leros, the road passes through Lepida and ends in the town of Xerocambos, 6 km from Platanos, where is located the only campsite on the island and some rooms and apartments to let.  Xerocambos is a greek village nestled in the olive groves and built on the tip of a fjord on the south coast, near the island of Kalymnos.

On the height of the village is the Castle Lepida or Palaiokastro, the oldest of the island of Leros, behind the Cyclopean walls are visible the remains of an Acropolis. Along the road north of the capital of Leros, we arrive at the village of Partheni, headquartered near a large military base and airport of Leros. The entire area on the north side is sparsely populated but rich in natural beauty and places of interest such as the Temple of Artemis.

To the east is the church of Agia Kiourna, famous for his paintings of political prisoners. These paintings have been declared by the Ministry of Culture works of art of inestimable value. It is a fact that the icon painting in St Kiouras has been characterized as a monument of the resistance of certain intellectuals to the autocratic regime of the Greek dictatorship. Here you can also have a swim on the red beaches of Agia Goura and Plefouti.