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Cabin gulet charter 2016 Nov 18, 2015

Greek islands gulets itineraries 2016

Greek islands gulet cruise cabin charter itineraries 2016

– from Kos is sailing every Saturday standard plus gulet that operates the route north or south Dodecanese Greek Islands

– from Bodrum is sailing on Sunday standard plus or superior air-conditioned gulets to the Greek islands of Dodecanese north or south route. (the southern route as from Kos includes sailing along the Turkish coast)

– the route Mykonos-Small Cyclades -Mykonos is operating in the months of May, June and September. During July and August, the Meltemi is too strong for sailing with gulets in the Cyclades.
*this route can include visit to Santorini with a supplement to be required when booking

–  the Northern Sporades gulet cabin charter is operating in the months of July and August

* For private cruises are available all categories of gulets for all routes / except the Cyclades where we confirm only some boats over 30m length with extra transit log.

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