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Bareboat charter in Greece

When you charter a bareboat - a yacht without hired crew (captain, cook or hostess) - you yourself will act as skipper and be responsible for both your crew members and yacht. To charter a yacht bareboat on Greek Islands you ideally need to hold a sailing certificate or qualification such as RYA Day Skipper or the ICC (International Certificate of Competence).

The ICC is a useful certificate to have as many countries, not just Greece, require you to hold a certificate of competence when chartering a yacht and the ICC will generally be accepted where proof of competence is required.

The level of the British RYA practical day skipper is in most cases sufficient, moreover the non tidal version is enough since there are hardly any tidal influences in the eastern Mediterranean Basin. An International Certificate of Competence is always recommended.

Likewise the level of the American US Sailing bareboat cruising or ASA bareboat chartering (104) -intermediate coastal cruising are high enough, but again, converting these into an ICC is always recommended. Note, that sometimes the Greek port authorities still require two of these sailing licenses - also one for a crew member - but this second license should just be on the level of competent crew.

For those of you without experience or with less experience with Greek Islands winds or just looking for a relaxing holiday, we will be pleased to have a skipper on board. To assure a safe and carefree vacation, you should hire a skipper to navigate your boat and to make sure, you can relax on your sailing trip and have a fabulous holiday.The skipper will plan the sailing trip according to your wishes, but also under consideration of the circumstances and he will constantly adapt the tour to the disposition on board.