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Sailing boats cruises in Dodecanese

The boat is the ultimate freedom, it offers unique emotions and unforgettable holidays. Explore the off the beaten track islands, meet the challenges of sailing. Reach pristine beaches, anchor in safe, secluded bays the beauty of which will leave you speechless, swim in deep blue waters in the silver light of the moon. Go fishing and diving, play with dolphins and enjoy fantastic evenings under the stars and the moon.

A southeasterly course from mainland Greece will bring the sailor to the Dodecanese, a cluster of islands close by the Turkish coast. Whatever type of sailing holiday or yacht charter you opt for, Dodecanese is the ideal starting point. Set sails from nautical base in Rhodes (Marina Mandraki), or from the new built marina of Kos.

The cruising possibilities in the Dodecanese are endless, this Eastern part of Greece, and along the Turkish coast, in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea, some of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean can be found. The summer cruises in the Aegean are characterized by the Meltemi wind that can blow strong enough in July and August while in spring and autumn is almost nonexistent.

The closeness of the Dodecanese island  will make it more easy to navigate and the cruise to the North will therefore always be hauled and sometimes even sporty with some drops of sea water on deck. Relatively small distances between the islands, from 5 to 30 nautical miles, will allowe from 2 to 6 hours pleasent sailing.

It is a simple matter of filling in the e-mail form with an enquiry for quotation whether you want a skipper for your holiday, how many people and the period you wish to be on holiday, (Saturday to Saturday) and whether you would prefer a single hull vessel or a catamaran.