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Things to know about private gulet charter

Private charter gulet is a dream vacation. It is important to start planning on time and get all info about your private gulet charter. First comes the choice of the right yacht for you that suites your expectations, desires and budget, second comes the route and last but not least is food and extra services on board.

Receiving advice of an agent that knows the boats and routes is very important. The best gulets that are highly recommended are booked well in advance, if you book your gulet just few weeks before sailing the choice will be very limited in any period of the season.

Compilation of the request form

Who rent a gulet for a private charter cruise, has sometimes already experienced gulet or sailing yacht holiday, but many times we also offer our services to guests interested in this experience for the first time. In any case, it is important that you specify in your request as much details as possible.

- PERIOD OF THE CRUISE and flexibility on dates. Most of  the gulets can be rented from Saturday to Saturday, only some yachts can be chartered from Sunday to Sunday. In high and middle season (from May to end of September), the minimum rental period is 7 nights or 14 nights, rental of 10 days is generally not possible.

- NUMBER OF PASSENGERS ON BOARD and the composition of the group. It is important to specify if there are children in the group, couples or individuals, older people.  Some gulet boats are more suitable for families while others are best suited to couples or group of friends.

- ROUTE AND ITINERARY for your private charter gulet cruise. The most requested and best navigation areas that can be done in a week are Greek islands of  Dodecanese or the Turkish coast from Bodrum or Marmaris which can be chosen as exclusive route or in combination with the Greek Islands.

- BUDGET or how much you plan to spend for your cruise holiday. This information helps us to look for the best opportunities in a short time. When you have a clear idea of what you can get for a certain price, you can choose to spend more if you look for more comfort or better services or less in the case of  good value boats with lower price.

Itinerary for your private gulet cruise

Most of the boats are based in Bodrum or Marmaris in Turkey, but they can quite easily reach the Greek islands of Kos and Rhodes if you wish to include Greek islands in your itinerary. Some gulets are based on Greek islands of Mykonos or Ionian islands, but the choice is limited.

To be ready for boarding by 4 p.m. on the first day,  the gulet will have to finish the previous cruise in a port close to your departure point. For this reason port of embarkation / disembarkation must be decided in advance.The details about the route can be changed during the cruise in agreement with the captain.

Private charter gulet itineraries on Greek islands have the extra cost of port expenses and entrance / exit fees from Turkey or Greece. The price depends on your itinerary and yacht (average cost are from 1.000 € - 1.500 € per week)

This expenses can not be avoided if you want to navigate with Turkish or other flag gulet in the Greek waters. For the navigation in Turkey there are no extra costs for port-taxes, except in some private marinas that you might wish to visit.