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Gulet Greek Islands cabin charter itineraries

Cabin gulet cruises on Greek Islands are very requested gulet itineraries in shared formula"cabin charter" as well as the rental of the gulet for exclusive use.  As a type of boat, a gulet is suitable for navigation in calm seas and not very windy areas.

Gulets have Turkish origins so the ideal navigation for this yachts is along the coast and bays of Turkey towards the Aegean Sea. In Greece the best sailing area is therefore the Dodecanese or calm Ionian or North Sporades sea.

  • • The area of the Dodecanese includes many islands close to each other and protected from the wind enough to ensure a pleasant navigation.
  • •  Dodecanese area offers very different scenarios, landscapes that change every day, many interesting bays and charming harbours.
  • • In case of strong wind prevents the navigation, our route can be easily changed to the Turkish coast. It does not happen often, but if in case it happened is certainly better navigate other areas and enjoy the vacation that wait at the port that the wind drops.  
  • •Here you will find the majority of Turkish gulets; your itinerary has to start and end in Turkey (Bodrum or Marmaris)                                                 

For all this reasons the Dodecanese North or South Dodecanese are the most requested and popular itineraries, where you will find the best offers  for your Cabin Gulet Greek islands.

They are in great demand also for beautiful Cyclades islands, where you can sail from Mykonos to world famous islands like Paros, Ios, Naxos or Santorini. These area has some limitations:

   • Very windy, especially in the months from late June to September
   • Limited range of boats and higher prices compared to gulets in Turkey

Great area for gulet cruising are  Ionian Islands, Sporades islands and Saronic gulf with ideal conditions for this type of vessel. The choice, however, remains limited to some gulets sailing in these areas from Messolonghi or Corfu and Evvia island, so it is adviseble to book well in advance.